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Saturday, 04 February 2017 10:20

Your Definitive Guide to Venus Retrograde Series ~ Aries/the 1st House


Your Definitive Guide to Venus Retrograde through the Signs and Houses - Aries/the 1st House ...

The planet Venus is also called the Triple Goddess because it rules three distinct areas of life: 1. Money 2. Love and 3. Beauty/Aesthetics

Every 18 months or so, Venus will appear to be going backwards in its orbit, which is called a “retrograde”.  The potential lessons and other manifestations for a retrograde can have some different expressions than when a planet is moving direct.

This is part 1 of a 12-blog series that covers extensively the potentials of Venus moving retrograde through the signs and houses.

To see more about the energies of Venus retrograde in the birth chart, see my blog “Wonderful Attributes of Venus Retrograde in the Birth Chart”.

All retrogrades bring a “reconsideration” or other words that start with the prefix “re” in the matters of the sign and house the planet is transiting through.  Retrogrades bring a focus inward and to the past as it relates to the present and future.  It is a time when going back over things is a prominent theme.  I always think of the Earthworm card from the Ted Andrew’s Animal Wise Tarot Card Deck  when it is retrograde time.  He talks about how the earthworm goes back over dirt making it fine and fertile soil.  It is this going back over things that  sets one up for fertile future experiences in the area of life being re-examined.

The retrograde transits bring planetary “opportunities” to strengthen weak links and set up stronger points of attraction for more enriching experiences.  Often these “opportunities” come through some form of crisis, as they are often neglected for a long time and in a big way so Spirit needs to bring awareness in a way that sticks.

It is very important to note that although reexamination of major issues is common and indicated at this time, actually MAKING LIFE-CHANGING DECISIONS is not.  More information will come throughout the transit so to take one moments insight and take action on it would likely be premature, as the retrograde promises we aren’t necessarily seeing clearly or all angles of an issue, especially on topics of love, beauty, and money.

Assessing, researching, working in the backdrop, experimenting without long commitment for things with low stakes, and in general “staying the course” during the revaluation is usually what is best indicated.

Venus retrograde in Aries/1st house:

When Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Aries or the 1st house a main theme is SELF-ESTEEM.  Venus rules love in in Aries/the 1st house it rules SELF-LOVE. I also call Aries/the 1st house the arena of THE SACRED BODY TEMPLE.  It is not a common perception to view ones body as a temple of Goddessence, housing a piece of infinite Spirit but that is exactly what it is!  Venus retrograde in this area brings up opportunities to shift to this focus. 

Aries/the 1st house is one of the rulers of the physical body and FEELINGS about the body so any type of medical or other health issue, including mental health, can be brought up.  It is possible that the crisis could bring the need for help from outside ones self but ultimately there is serious “inner work” that has to be done, that no-one else can do for us. 

Aries/the 1st house represent very early childhood so very often there is birth trauma and/or the addressing of a serious incident or experience that negatively affected the person when they were very small - like a divorce, move, death or other departure of someone close, major financial or other issues dealt with or experienced by parents, etc.  Children are imprinted with the energetic themes their mother was experiencing while in the womb and beyond. Often deep issues will find more clarity and resolution by an evaluation of what ones mother was experiencing when they were in the womb and very young.


Aries/the 1st house rules not only our self-image but also what we put out into the world - how others see us.  Venus retrograde in this area of life can often bring a reexamination of how we are putting ourselves out into the world.  This can be about vocation, “what we call ourselves” related to work - “I am an accountant, waitress, etc.”  Many people never had or eventually lose connection with they way people know them.  Often people know others through their work.  This transit can bring sudden or increasing dissatisfaction for work or some other way we are putting ourselves out into the world.  Feeling stuck or overwhelmed when one realizes how entrenched they are in their image is a common experience during this transit.


Reevaluation of appearance (wardrobe, hairstyle/color, etc.) is very commonly brought up during Venus retrograde through Aries/the 1st house.  Remember the theme of retrogrades as not being a time to ACT on the reevaluation!  Doing something like “window-shopping” or researching for stores or other resources for looking for new wardrobe additions is better indicated than actually buying anything, unless you are in a situation where you won’t miss the money if you no longer like the garments after the transit passes.

It is fine to go through old clothes and make piles to release of things you no longer resonate with but there is caution here that you could get rid of things you turn out to wish you hadn’t.  So the best idea is make the piles and put them aside somewhere (garage or somewhere out of the way) until you can check back in when the energies shift.  


I remember one time during a Venus retrograde I almost got rid of my most favorite (and expensive) boots because I was moving to a warmer climate and thought I wouldn’t use them much.  I am grateful every day of fall and winter that I changed my mind about getting rid of them!  I have never seen a pair like them anywhere since and it turned out I use them plenty even in the warmer climate!  Venus retrograde was causing me to not see clearly as it related to an important wardrobe item.


An idea of how to use the retrograde energy in a safe way with no regret is to look through magazines (don’t spend too  much on them or be too excessive this, though!) and cut out styles, sources, etc. for things that you resonate with. You can also create a board through Pinterest -https://www.pinterest.com to hold your new visions until the energies are clear to see what sticks.

You may find you return back to some styles or fashion/beauty related interest from your past, or the past/retro styles.

If you have some money to spare, you could get some smoking hot deals on items that would usually be expensive.  If so, you are clear to buy.  Three rules to follow for purchases in Venus retrograde are that 1. You are getting a deal and you know it 2. You have the money to spend and won’t miss it if you change your mind about the item  3. You are certain of your financial solidity as sometimes negative financial shifts can occur during this transit.  


For a VERY comprehensive look at general Venus retrograde rules/Do’s & Don’t, see my blog and video on the topic.


Summary of Aries/1st house Venus retrograde:


~ A supreme time to strengthen self-esteem (as it will likely be called into question) through inner work with self and practitioners - anything that works on the subconscious mind is great now!  Past-life regression, other psychotherapy or counseling, vocational counseling, work with affirmations, subliminal messaging, exercise, positive diet and lifestyle shifts, improving self-care practices on any level.


~ Reevaluate what you are bringing out into the world - looking into vocational shifts but not committing to anything - figuring out “what you really want to be when you grow up” and researching but not implementing a plan unless you aready have and you are continuing to stay the course with a shift/course of study you made pre-retrograde time.  If you have the money to experiment with some classes or courses you can afford, that could bring good insight.


~ Reevaluate beauty/wardrobe/fashion.


~ Take impeccable care of your sacred body temple!  Return to or begin deep care practices that nurture your body and mind and deepen relationship with self.


Summary/Resources I love for Venus retrograde in Aries/1st house:


~ The Presence Process - by Michael Brown - Do the 10-week journey vs. just "reading" the book.

This is one of the best things you can do to really establish/deepen your self-esteem and get clarity on your image, and all other ways you put yourself out into the world!


~ Louise Hay - You Can Heal Your Life 

another fun way to work with affirmations is with Louise Hay’s Affirmation Card Kit 


~ My subliminal bundle “Wonderful Relationships” which work on self-esteem and relating in a healthy way to others.


~ Pinterest for vision boarding for wardrobe, vocation, or anything else.


~ I create awesome affirmations along with wonderful pictures on my Instagram account.



A great affirmation for Venus retrograde in Aries/the 1st House: 





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