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Thank you for your interest in contacting me :)

 I am inundated with correspondence and it is challenging to keep up.

As such, please review my Frequently Asked Questions below before emailing.

Please note that certain types of questions that can be answered below will not receive a return response.  These are indicated below.

If you are interested in an astrology reading, Annie is retired from readings but is referring to her lead apprentice. You can see the options for readings Annie's personalized Outer Planet Transit Video Report or North/South Node education package offer by Annie at:


with Gratitude,


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have recently signed up for Annie's newsletter and I have not received any mailings from her (or I receive some but not all).
A: Great! Welcome!  I have the current month recent newsletters on autosend so if you signed up right when I sent out the upcoming month but didn’t yet receive the current month, you will shortly. It sometimes takes a few days for all the mailings to come in but you should start receiving them right away so definitely check your spam, promotions, social, and events folder as I often hear of them show up in there! If you find anything from me in one of those folders, move it into your inbox from those other folders to give your email server the message that you want to receive my mailings straight into your main inbox :)
If you have received even one email from me, there is an archive link in all emails which will link you to all mailings. Click on archive to access anything I have sent.
Q: I am on Annie's email list and need a resend of a previous email.
A: If you are on my email list and are looking for a previously sent newsletter if you can find any of my emails in your inbox at all, there is a link in each of them to access archives.  Please use this archive link to access any previously sent newsletters.  We will not be responding to emails requesting resends. 
Q:  I am interested in a personal Astrology/Coaching session with Annie. What are her rates?
A:  Thank you for your interest in a personal astrology reading/coaching session with me. See most updated details of available options at:

Q:  I ordered one of your products that has an mp3 component and the audio is skipping or looping.
A:  Sorry you are having trouble! If you received your welcome email with the links to download and you are trying to listen on a phone or tablet, you will likely need to download a free Dropbox app
This will allow you to access the files and/or solve any repeating/skipping issues :) You can go to the welcome email and next to the download buttong there is a button with a second option called "Send to Dropbox". Once you have your free Dropbox account, you can use this button to move the audio to this housing.

Q: I have purchased one of your automated delivery products (Train Your Brain programs, Radical Self-Development Library, or Astrology Basics & Beyond course) and I can’t access my purchase.
A: Sorry for the trouble! If you haven’t received your welcome email with the download links, check spam or ‘Promotions' tab at the top of email screen.  I have heard of them occasionally showing up there.
Also, if you have a different email address with paypal than your usual email address, check that one as the welcome links may go to your paypal address on record
If neither of these satisfy your issue, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Q: I would love some assistance but am having financial hardship, can I have some free advice or a free reading?  or I have an astrology question, can you help me?
A: Please note that most of my offerings are free and I spend a tremendous amount of time monthly on these offerings.  Any email requests for personal assistance for free or general astrology questions will not be answered.  If you would access to a forum to ask astrology questions, I will love to have you in my Becoming a Professional Astrologer Mastery Certification Course (previously know as Astrology Apprenticeship Program). See below for my free resources and other recommendations to support you:

I offer free assistance through my many blogs and videos.  You can see all of my sites with tons of free info here:
Also, when you sign up for my free email newsletter, you get access to my 28-day Virtual Coaching Program, "SHINE!", for free!  You can sign up for my free email newsletter on my welcome page here.
Here are some additional recommendations to assist you:
~ The Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful energy clearing tool that you find much about for free on-line.  I use it regularly for myself and my clients.  You can use it for any problem, issue, or pattern.  Do a search for what you are working with + EFT on-line. Example "EFT for Depression", "EFT for Making More Money", "EFT for Insomnia", etc.
~ One of the tools that has most profoundly positively affected my experience and one that I recommend to all of my clients is The Presence Process by Michael BrownHere is a link for it on Amazon.
Doing this 10-Week Journey can address any topics of concern you may have.  I have personally done this journey 8 times and each time things that seemed like impossible, never-ending patterns, shifted, permanently, as if they never existed as problems!
Also, check out my Train Your Brain Subliminal Program Bundles, they offer affordable assistance to help shift your brain wiring to help create new and better experiences. You do also recieve one of my Train Your Brain tracks when you sign up for my free email newsletter :)  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Blessings on your journey!!





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