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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 10:56

Venus Retrograde Do's & Don'ts

Venus Retrograde Do’s & Don’ts:

Venus goes retrograde about every 18 months. It will stay retrograde about 43 days or about 6 or 7 weeks. There is a shadow period of about a month beforehand, and there is a shadow period of about a month afterwards. Essentially there is about a 4-month period about every 1 ½ years that is just covered in the energy of the Venus retrograde. 

What follows is a comprehensive guide to Venus retrograde, a “global” view, and its implications and focus, so that you can understand the aspect better and apply this information to every time Venus is retrograde regardless of what sign or house in your personal chart.

Venus rules:

  • Love
  • Beauty (including artistic endeavors)
  • Money

During this retrograde period anything having to do with Love, Beauty/Art or Money is going to going through a major “re-evaluation”!

A lot of questions are going to be asked. Whether coming from the outside or being instigated from the inside. But on the topics of Love, Beauty and Money you’re going to have your hands full with things coming up, for better and worse.

There are plenty of things that are really good to do during this time, but there are a whole slew of things that best to apply more discernment when deciding about.

Venus retrograde can often bring minor and even major upgrades to lifestyle and aesthethics. Material and artisitic things sought after in the past can come into glorious manifestation now.  Things desired and planned from the past usually have more support for positive fulfillment than brand new plans at this time.  There are things to be cautious of at this time but there is also much magic that can roll in.  I will outline the Venus retro rules and many of the caveats below.  There are many exceptions to the rules so make sure to read thoroughly to get the best understanding of the transit and how to best use it.


During this transit you’re often not seeing Love, Beauty or Money clearly. You may have “rose-colored” glasses on when it comes to these areas of life or the oppositie, you could be seeing things at their worst when the situation is actually salvageable. The “spell” that changes the view of these arenas of life usually wear off when the energy of the transit fades, that is why the transit favors re-evaluation but not necessarily the making of pertinent decisions.  High emotion in the areas of love, money, and beauty/design are VERY likely for better or worse.

So during this period you want to really feel into making any big decisions or commitments involving these things unless they falls under the caveats also listed below, even then prudence and care is recommended.   Do also note that often things under Venus' domain can come back to you in a big way at this time, for better or worse.  Things that were issues never resolved often come front and center and equally as likely, things that you HAVE resolved internally can show up in major positive ways.  Money, love, and design/beauty-related things come into the forefront either as issues to be worked out or as positive manifestations from past work. Also note that for those who have Venus retro in their natal chart, some effects can be shifted for them but since others who them may interact with for arrangements are still under the normal venus retro energies, caution is still recommended when moving forward with Venus-related things.


Let’s look at more specific examples and break it down by category…

For Beauty and Esthetics, this involves your personal beauty:

  • Jewelry
  • Wardrobe
  • Hairdo
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Artistic projects and endeavors

Anything that has to do with you personally and also beauty and esthetics of design projects or even community art ventures.

During Venus retrograde you’re not seeing clearly and it may not be the best time to:

  • Buy expensive new clothes, or any new clothes if you are stretching yourself financially to do so (if you can afford it and won't miss the money if you decide once the transit shifts that you no longer like the purchases then move forward with your purchases fearlessly)
  • Do something drastic to your hair (minor touch-up's from trusted people can be totally fine it is just the hard-to-change/permanent enhancements that require more caution, also trying a new person for your beauty work can be more of a risk as they are more likely to cut off 6 inches when you say 'just a trim')
  • Buy expensive jewelry (unless you can afford it, often luxury items come in during this transit and if you can afford it, it could be fine) Insurance or other special protection is especially indicated on large ticket items especially at this time
  • Make expensive purchases of luxury item purchases for your house (again here, unless you can afford it and it meets the other rules listed below)
  • Redecorate your house (unless it is minor and easily changeable sprucing up)  the caution here is major design projects that are not easily changeable if you switch your feeling about the changes made
  • Design projects of any kind that are hard to change (temporary or inexpensive fixes can be fine - go conservative for permanent or harder to change design projects and add embellishments through easier to change features)

Because there is an increased probability that by the end of the transit you’re going to say;

“What Was I Thinking!?”

This is the major retrograde tagline of this transit!

If you make major decisions along these lines during this retrograde then all of the shifts that happen during this transit will often lead you to say that.

So, you want to avoid that by using some discernment.


Exceptions to the 'rules' above are it is usually fine to make the changes if:


1. You can easily afford it and won't miss the money if you change your mind or something happens to the new purchase

2. You are making easily changeable enhancements - like a henna tattoo instead of a permanent one, wash out hair color instead of dye, hair extensions instead of cutting it all off, sprucing up with similar styles/colors than before (like repainting something the same color or not far off), adding fixtures that could easily be removed and switched out.





  • Things like an elective cosmetic surgery, permanent tattoo or peircing, intense skin or other beauty treatments are usually best avoided at this time bu they can be researched and priced out to have all of your ducks in a row when you make the move to do it in more clear stars

 You want to be cautious doing anything at this time that would or could radically alter your appearance at this time. Your sense of aesthetics and also the sense of the surgeon or other practitioner working on you may be “off”.

But there is a rare caveat to this, where someone may have something “lighting up” something so “magically” in their chart that it can supersede certain transits. Especially if there is something really great happening in the early part of the shadow period of your chart, there may be a little wiggle room for you. If you don’t have a way to determine this, avoidance is the general recommendation.

**Venus Retrograde is a wonderful time to do deep self-esteem work.  Efforts using affirmations, therapy, counseling, prayer, meditation, etc to clear blocks to self-love will all be supported and enhanced now.

A return to or deepening of self-care routines is one of the BEST ways to use the Venus Retrograde energies!  Work done in these arenas will go deeper and carry more positive effects than other times. 


Artists will often have very strong emotional experiences related to their work at this time.  For some, big questions and doubts could come up indicating that it is time to do some deep inner work.  For others, their creativity could run extra high and fame and recognition could be increasing notably.  If a chance to show your work comes up in this time, this is usually in the flow.  The big caution is if you have something brand new/a major launch vs. just showing your current/past work as usual, feel into the timing since Venus retro is more about things coming in from the past rather than new work and launches.


Feel very carefully into making large purchases and do extra research and due diligence with inspections and adding of warranties, insurance etc. There is an increased chance that you may either end up not liking what you have purchased, have it lost or damaged in a big way, run a huge risk of it becoming a ‘money pit’ so any safeguards you can put in place to make sure it is not a situation like this or that protect you if it turns out to be will be well-advised.  While extra research, caution, and protection may be needed, it is VERY common that large dollar items come in during this transit!  One peice to consider that often makes a difference in the manifestation is if the item is something you have been hoping for and working towards for a long time, it is usually better indicated at this time than something you decide you want on a whim during the transit.  Things under this heading include:

  • Buying a House
  • A Boat (There is a saying about boats - they are giant holes in the water that you throw money into)
  • Jewelry/Art 
  • RV
  • Other large/expensive purchases

Venus retro can often bring in a hefty payment for one of these things but if you can really afford it, it could be perfect timing. Venus retro really does often have a way of enhancing lifestyle in a big way.  It is common to have years worth of a high payment commitment and for some people at some point they may realize they can't yet afford that type of lifestyle enhancement so some of these upgrades turn out to be temporary.  Alternatively, the common 'temporary' energy of the transit could go the other way and cause the purchase to be temporary because you may actually have had it as a segue to an even better, more upgraded purchase. Many people will see permanent lifestyle enhancements at this time and be carrying the price tag for a while but for many people it will be very worth it and the purchase will be appreciated for many years to come.


Venus Retrograde can be an AWESOME time to find a deal on something of value.  Here are some rules to consider when making big purchases during this transit:

~ You are certain that you are not overpaying for it/buying at top of market and are really get a legitimate ‘deal’ (unless you can really afford it and it doesn't matter)

~ You are using extra money that you don’t need and it won’t set you back any if the item turns out to not be what you thought

~ If you are financing you absolutely certain you can pay for the mortgage, expenses, repair, whatever other relevant costs, etc.

~ You have a back-up plan for the use of the item if the original intended purpose doesn’t work out

~ You know that you can rent it easily for the monthly expenses it takes to keep it if you have opportunities elsewhere that you want to 'try on'

~ For buying a house, you have carefully come to understand the rules by which the homeowners association etc. runs and are certain about other things like, don’t have anything in a nearby unit or other home that would negatively affect the quality of your life or renting capacity (barking dog, people that argue loudly, loud air traffic, etc)

(The way that I checked these things out when I had a real estate business for 10 years where I bought, refurbished, sold, rented houses was to lurk around the neighborhood at different times and see it as a resident.  AND most importantly, I would introduce myself to neighbors saying I was considering the area and ask them if they think there is anything you would need to know.  Neighbors usually LOVE to talk about their neighborhoods and I have found out many things, including sewage problems, etc. with houses I considered buying that the seller was withholding.  See if you can find and old-timer who has lived there for a while out walking their dog.  They see everything!)


~ For buying a house, pay extra for really good inspections.  Remember things are extra hidden at this time, maybe even from the seller.  It also is more likely that the seller is intentionally hiding something.


***Venus retrograde can definitely be a treasure hunters delight because the people selling items may not seeing clearly about the value of the item and are likely to let things go at below value, later regretting the sale.  For this reason, I don’t recommend selling something of value at this time (unless you are VERY certain that releasing it quickly for less than it is worth won't haunt you) but for buyers, it could be a major cause for celebration when taking the above rules into consideration.


In general,  a purchase that is well-supported during during Venus retrograde are if:

  • If it’s really inexpensive
  • You’re getting a “Smoking Hot Deal”
  • You’re not going to miss the money
  • It is a purchase that you have been waiting for for a long time and you are finally in the position to take on the expense of it or in other ways it happens to be working out for you.  It is VERY common for expensive items desired for a long time to come to you in this cycle and often they come with a hefty price tag.  This could turn out to be fine if you really know it is for you, it is time, and you can afford the purchase.  It is common to be working with a big payment for a purchase in Venus retro for a long time but that could turn out to be fine and a natural consequence of having the item.  Many expensive things that come in now are very much loved and appreciated items that you bless everytime you make the payment.  

Or, it doesn’t matter if you no longer like what you bought at the end of the Venus retrograde, because it is of no consequence to you.

Making purchases like this can be especially good if:

  • You’re spending wisely and not wildly
  • If you’re sure you’re not going to regret the expense

If you’re one of those people who has the disposable income and you buy something you end up not liking and you just put it way or give it away when you’re done with it. It’s fine and it’s no big deal. Spend fearlessly!

But you may find that it just might not turn out the way you thought it would and for lot of people that’s a big deal when they’re spending money on something.  


There are often times during Venus retrograde that things like material or luxury items come in that you have been wanting for a long time.  If something is very much in the flow and especially if it honors the caveats above, it could just be this manifestation and nothing to worry about.  It is still suggested to get extended/best warranties and insurance on items purchased.


Selling things of value during Venus retro:

Venus retrograde is a FABULOUS time to research, study, assess value of things for future sale, just not making a commitment sell things of financial or emotional value unless YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN YOUR EMOTIONS AREN'T INTERFERING WITH YOUR INTUITION AND LOGIC. MANY people will feel financially strapped and less secure at this time which may prompt them to sell something of emotional or financial value when really that may not be the best choice.  While sometimes it does happen that income comes in from something sold during this transit, it is very important to try to not make a decision from a perspective of desperation and instead do inner work on the emotions and seek alternatives to the sale until you are seeing more clearly.



In the sector of relationships you’re sometimes not seeing clearly in Love, while Venus is in retrograde.  Some people will not have any notable affects like this but for those who either feel certain about taking a big step with someone new or feel certain about splitting, the high emotions may very likely be clouding the picture.

It is best indicated to not make major decisions in Love or to make major commitments in Love when Venus is in retrograde (individual chart placements could bring caveats to this but in general it is best to take great care before proceeding with):

  • Getting engaged (note that if you are the one being proposed to and this proposal comes to you, saying yes if you are sure can be totally fine, but don't hesitate to take more time to think about it if you are unsure)  If you are the one doing the proposing, feel into the timing carefully.  For some this could work out just fine, but there are cautions with taking big steps like this so carefully connect with your intuition to navigate through the perfect timing for your situation.
  • Getting married (having a party to celebrate a marriage that has already occurred is in sync with the transit)
  • Becoming romantically involved with someone ( they are more likely to either be hiding something that would be relevant to this connection or may be in the dark themselves about something, like an STD)
  • Moving in with someone (unless you have lived with them before and/or it is intended to be a temporary arrangement)
  • Staring a new relationship and getting too invested
  • Getting involved with lovers with money
  • Or sacrificing yourself in some big way

If you meet someone new as a romantic interest during Venus retrograde:

  • That you have never ever met before
  • That you never heard anything about before
  • That you have no ties to from your past

“Don’t Marry Them!” (until well after the transit to make sure you are not in a love spell.)


That’s just a “Rule” of Venus retrograde. You’re just not seeing clearly during this transit.


So in summary, some things to carefully evaluate during Venus retrograde are:

  • the purchase of expensive things
  • the initiation of big things involving money
  • the starting of new relationships
  • the beginning or launching of artistic/design/cosmetic endeavors of consequence

But the funny thing is that during Venus retrograde sometimes makes you  want to do these things more than ever. 

All of sudden you may:

  • be all interested in art
  • be interested in redesigning or redecorating your home
  • be all excited about this “New” person that has entered your life

It’s “set-up” that during this transit you’re looking at things differently and you want to engage in doing these things. But it may not be the right time to do it (unless it is in one of the caveat categories already listed.


If you do meet someone new during Venus retrograde and you think it is going to work out:

  • Wait for Venus to go direct
  • Take some time past the transit to see how it works out

If you’re going to be together forever and get married, what does it matter if you wait a little time to see how things go? 

This is especially true if:

  • There are finances involved 
  • If there is something of major consequence involved

If the relationship changes and you should have to get divorced are the changes and impacts going to be a major impact and problem for you? 

If you’re in a relationship:

  • And it is breaking up
  • Or you have already initiated divorce proceedings before this transit

Sometimes things will actually come to fruition during Venus retrograde! 

But if you can avoid making your final decisions about money and property during Venus retrograde it may be much better! 

Often times when people throw up their hands and just walk away during this transit, they will often look back with regrets saying:

 “What Was I Thinking?! I should have at least gotten my Fair Share out of the financial situation of this!”

During Venus retrograde:

  • You’re in danger of making hasty decisions 
  • Especially with anything involving Love or Money
  • All or Nothing Decisions

Try to wait and drag it on through this transit, even if you just want to be done with it.

 Or, if you can’t wait:

  • Just be sure that everything is really fair 
  • Make the decisions as fair as possible
  • So that you are not going to have any regrets

If you are in a relationship and you are thinking about getting out of it, but you haven’t yet:

Venus retrograde may not a good time to do this (unless you are in danger then get to a safe place)  For those not in danger from their partner it could be a good time to take some space but with keeping the original understanding/commitment to the relationship intact if possible. So like taking a break, or going on a trip to think, or staying with a friend or family member temporarily to gain perspective during the transit and then afterwards you may see more clearly what to do moving forward.

 When Venus goes direct you might reconsider and then look back have regrets at your hasty decision.  However often if a relationship was pending to break up, Venus retro can give the final nudge.

Venus retrograde is a really good time to ask the questions:

  • Am I getting what I want out this relationship?
  • Is my partner getting what they want out of this relationship?
  • How can we make our relationship better
  • How can I spend more time/quality time with my partner (for relationships that are intact and not being questioned a ‘return’ to the magic/romance could occur)

It is not:

  • The best time to come to a final permanent agreement but temporary/bridge agreements are great for this time

This transit is a PERFECT time:

  • To go into couples counseling or couples therapy
  • Plan therapy to work on things that are a challenge
  • Going over issue from the past
  • Revisiting unresolved topics
  • Do things to bring the spark back
  • Return to practices, locations, that you used to enjoy together

Venus retrograde is a great time to plan extra time with your partner. If your relationship needs more attention and focus to improve, this is the time to do it.

Many people who have very busy lives will experience Venus retrograde as a time when Love comes back into their life in a big way. 

This is a positive aspect of this time!

  • They’ll take more time to be together with their partner
  • They’ll shift their priorities to be more available

It is also very common if a loved one has been separated from you that during Venus retrograde that person will be returned to you.

 It may be that someone from your past will reappear in your life:

  • Then it’s time to reevaluate that relationship
  • But not a time to make a final commitment to it
  • Work through the end of the Venus retrograde cycle and see if how it plays out

Agree to wait until the cycle finishes before you make a commitment as to whether you should move forward with the relationship

  • Do the evaluation without the commitment - that is the theme of this transit

re. weddings...If it is possible to change wedding date, then seriously consider it.

Here is a suggestion you can consider if the wedding date is near the Venus retrograde and you really can’t change it …

You can still plan to have the wedding celebration, but not getting legally married until after the Venus retrograde and shadow period and not count your anniversary until the legal wedding date (no dated materials calling it wedding date, etc) or get legally married before the transit and then have the ceremony for the group and celebration as planned.

 Even though there is lot of pressure and excitement going on through the whole wedding process and a lot of people have expectations, it’s your wedding and the decisions you make are going to impact the rest of your life.

I don’t usually advise people to not be up front about things, but this is something for you to consider…

 You may or may not want to explain to everyone why you are choosing to have a legal wedding after the celebration date. That is up to you. It doesn’t mean you have to cancel all of it.  There are crafty ways to have the understanding between you and your Beloved and keep the guests out of the details of what you are doing.  What difference does it make?  The day is celebrating your union.  It is ok if the official union happens on a different day known or unbeknown to the guests.

So you can have the wedding celebration and then take the legal vows after the transit and celebrate and honor your anniversary date based on when you took your legal vows.

If everything had all ready been planned and paid for that is what I would recommend. 

For Artists/Decorators/Designers: Avoid unveiling your NEW work or making commitments or big decisions.  If someone comes in that seems they want to ‘help’ you with your work, hold off on making a commitment or turning over too much power or anything else to them until Venus is direct and close to full steam (at the end of the post-shadow period) to make sure they are legit.  This would be a good time to research and in other ways look into getting support but avoid long-term or important commitments.  Saying yes to opportunities can be perfectly fine, just make sure to remember emotions could cloud judgment.


Money could come in from past contacts and ventures during this time.  Going back to tried and true offerings, contacts, etc. could be very fruitful. Venus retrograde can be a GREAT time to experiment with/revise your artistic style. Education about art (classes, watching videos, etc) is very much indicated now and will take you far. Courses with flexibility and affordable payment plan options can be perfect now.


Money & Debt…

There is a high probability that money topics from the past will be brought back into the forefront.  This could bring money in that was owed from the past or allow you to get caught up on bills or money you owe to others.  Past debts forgotten about could return to be dealt with or come due at this time. 

***Venus Retrograde is an excellent time to call in debt from others or to make headway paying off debt.

Things related to Business …

Venus rules money

This is usually not the best time to initiate:

  • New investments
  • Make new deals with new people unless it is a temporary situation
  • Launch new businesses

Unless it is an exceptional situation and you can afford a possible loss.

 If you make decisions that put you in financial straits or possibly get you into trouble you don’t want to do that at all during this transit.

I have watched so many businesses open during Venus retrograde and almost 100% of the time they are closed within 18 months and often sooner. 


The moral of the story is:

Don’t Open Your New Business When Venus is Retrograde!

If you are planning a new product launch and it has no ties to anything you have done in the past or connected to any ideas you have been carrying around and it is brand new …

Don’t Do It!

If you going to do something or relaunch a product that is a carryover from the past, that is usually  OK and can often be very lucrative.  I have seen many a successful re-run of programs and other things from the past during Venus retrograde.

It is especially ok to advance a project or plan if it is something:

  • That if it doesn’t succeed you’re not out a lot of money
  • And it isn’t going to take your business down
  • That is an experimental enhancement/evolution of the work you are already doing that you can easily shift if it doesn't go over well
  • Is something you have been talking about doing for a while and is an addition to a core thing you already do regularly

This is the perfect time:

  • To go over old business ideas that you have had
  • To dust them off
  • Breathe new life into them
  • But wait to launch them

Anything that you’re considering during Venus retrograde should have strong overtones from the past. This is a time when people from your past may contact you about business ideas. 

This is a perfect time to consider these kinds of ideas:

  • Talk about the possibilities
  • Talk about the caveats
  • Do a feasibility study

But carefully consider before you:

  • Commit 
  • Make any final decisions
  • Make commitments you can’t follow through with 

I often get the question, "Is it ok to ask for a raise during Venus Retro"?


Here are something important to consider to help you make the best decision with this ~

~ What kind of place are you asking for the raise from?  If it is desperation or laced with anger and frustration about all the time you have been making less than what you think you deserve, then it is likely not the best time. Venus has some rulership in self-esteem and if you are asking for a raise to try to increase your self-esteem, it will often backfire.  


On the other hand, if you are feeling confident, have made amazing transformation in your inner world that makes it feel like 'time' for your income to increase, you are not basing how you feel about yourself and your work on the outcome of the raise attempt, and you will be fine emotionally, mentally, and financially if the increase doesn't come through (so there is no pressure or desperation woven into the request) then go for it!  You also may find that raises could naturally come to you without your even asking!!


Another common question is, "My dream job came in during Venus retro or shadow, is it ok to take it?"  In general the answer is YES!  Often things worked on or hoped for come in during this time.  Some things to keep in mind to assist with the best outcomes are:

~ Sometimes Venus retro will 'test' our energy fields capacity to let more and better things in.  If something that seems to good to be true comes in, it is possible that it is the real deal and the manifestation that you worked hard for, but pay attention to your self talk.  If you see alot of fears and disbelief coming in, use resources like Emotional Freedom Technique tapping to clear nervous systems patterns to help allow in this new level of experience.

~ Although some perfect things do actually come in and stay during this transit, there are things that seem like they are perfect until you get into them further (i.e. the rose-colored glasses effect).  Have someone you trust who isn't as excited about the thing coming in give some fair balance to the other side of the potentials.  Ask for terms/benefits in writing before you decide and carefully go over paperwork to see if there are red flags.  Having a professional look at the contract would be a good idea, too, someone who isn't emotionally attached to the outcome may see the flaws.

~ Understand that sometimes the job or other thing that comes in turns out to be different than you thought and maybe shorter-term, but it still could be fine to bridge a gap or lay a segue.


~ Trust your intuition! If it seems to good to be true and you work with any fears that come up and you are still getting that nagging feeling in your gut, trust yourself.




There is something really juicy about things that show up during Venus retrograde. They always sound like really great ideas!!

If it is a really good business idea but it is brand new, then take time to work on it in the backdrop and wait until the Stars are better to LAUNCH it. It is pretty much guaranteed that it will do better and be more successful if you wait until the Stars are better for big NEW launches

When you watch my monthly horoscopes I always tell you when the stars are good for such things and when they’re not good to launch such things.

During Venus retrograde just keep reminding yourself that you may not seeing clearly and that you may have on Rose Colored Glasses! It’s almost like your Love Sensors are supercharged and everything you see during this time is enhanced and seems more beautiful! 

On the other side of this the situation during Venus retrograde, you can be much more critical and scrutinizing of things. This is why you may want to do carefully consider breakups during this period. Because on the other side of the transit that situation may not actually be as bad as it seemed during the transit. 

So make your mental notes about these things and carry them with you during this time as a reminder of what is happening! Once you’re out of the transit you will see the Wisdom of Why!

I hope your Venus retrogrades are graceful and wonderful and bring wonderful things back from your past and sets you up for a more wonderful and fulfulling future!

Check out my video version of this info in the video titled “Venus Retrograde ~ Do’s & Don’ts - on my YouTube channel. I can't update and add to the video but I will be adding to this blog over time as I have questions from others to answer and additional insights from my studies.



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