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Friday, 01 February 2019 09:51

Necessary New Orleans ~ My Surprising “Big Easy” Travel Traditions

I have been known to take long cross-country drives at will.  When I do, I often pass by New Orleans.  Over time, some travel traditions have formed.  I will love to share them with you :) If you haven’t already seen the Disney movie, “The Princess & The Frog”, I highly recommend watching before going to New Orleans :)  It really captures the magic of this amazing place.  The soundtrack is wonderful and I always start to play it as soon as I cross the border into Louisiana to set the mood as I drive through the bayou into magical downtown area.


Although In general I avoid gluten, sugar, fried foods, caffeine, and anything that’s not organic, there is one stop I ALWAYS make in New Orleans that goes against all of my normal rules ~

Cafe Dumond
French Market location
800 Decatur Street
70116 New Orleans

Eating the fresh, hot beignets is a memorable experience and this location is right in the heart of New Orleans.

Expect to get a massive amount of powdered sugar everywhere.

You can get some to go, but they never taste better than right there, hot and fresh.

Coffee drinkers will take special delight in the Cafe Dumond chicory-based Cafe Au Lait :)

Note that Cafe Dumond does NOT accept credit or debit cards - CASH only.  There is an ATM machine at the tourist center across the street but with a hefty fee so come prepared with cash :)

Sometimes while in New Orleans, my Sicilian heritage takes over and brings me right to the iconic Central Grocery - The Home of the Original Muffaleta. Another major "rule-breaker" of a stop!  This crazy concoction is a sandwich the size of or bigger than your head.

Definitely pick up some water while you are there as the Muffaleta is notably salty.  Also, be emotionally and financially prepared for the around $20 price tag per sandwich.  They are huge, though, and 2-4 people could be happy sharing one.

Here is a funny chat strand about the “unspoken rules” at Central Grocery.

I hope my New Orleans traditions make you smile and inspire you to add them into or start them as your own :-)

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