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Sunday, 25 November 2018 01:57

Busting the Myth of Sun Sign Compatibilities

Busting the Myth of Sun Sign Compatibilities ~ I have heard way too often people putting too much stock in Sun Sign Compatibilities.  I want to set the record straight on this common and very important topic.  Check out my video on the topic... 
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Maximizing Personal Planet Retrogrades (for Mercury, Venus, and Mars Retrogrades) by Annie Botticelli   I always liken the energy of a personal planet being retrograde as the time when the ‘tide rolls in’.  If you are trying to push your boat out to sea when the tide is coming in, the odds of your desired outcome are limited as there are forces of nature working against you.  However, there are things that are even more favored during a retrograde that you can focus on to best use the energy and make the transit more smooth, enjoyable, and productive.   Here are some examples of what I love this time for:
Powerful Full Moon in Cancer Reveal & Release Ceremony by Annie Botticelli Ceremonies during astrological power periods help us to make the most of the potentials of the event.  Full Moons often brings things to fruition or fulfillment, marking important endings. Sometimes the Full Moon brings things out of hiding and into the light so sometimes secrets and other hidden things can often be brought into the open at this time.  Blocks to desired outcomes can often be revealed and point to steps to take to fulfill the goal.
Wednesday, 28 September 2016 19:34

Making Powerful New Moon in Sagittarius Wishes

Welcome to another New Moon's opportunity to AMP up your WISHING POWER! Making wishes during New Moon's give more energy behind your wishing, especially when you make wishes that are aligned with the energy of the SIGN of the New Moon. The strongest times of the period are 6 hours before or after the exact time of the New Moon. You get 10 wishes per New Moon :)    When the New Moon is in Sagittarius, wishing for all things “Sagittarius” brings a major amplification in your creation power!   Here are some examples of Sagittarius-related things you can wish for on the New Moon in Sagittarius:
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