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AnnieI have been doing astrology and coaching for 14 years, have done thousands of chart readings for people all over the world and I have been teaching courses for well over a decade.  I have seen a growing need for assistance in having a bustling business living in service as a coach:  Life coach, Business Coach, Spiritual Coach, and more.  I know how to help people get the results they want, reach their goals, and transform their lives AND do this in an online venue, totally free from geographic constraints. See info below and  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coach Certification & Online Business Course Features:

~ The course runs from shortly after registration through August 2017.

~ Course materials shared through an easy-to-use teaching format which lets you easily see all the lessons, lectures, and special projects as they are dripped out throughout the course.

~ The course drips out over time in sections to help you manage coursework easily. You will receive an overview and course 'roadmap' at the beginning so you can know what is coming and when :)

~ Highly interactive private, secret forum where you can access me and the group for all of your questions, insights, and to share throughout the course.

~ Comprehensive Curriculum that prepares you to be an effective coach AND to have a successful online business.

Coach Certification & Online Business Course Benefits:

~ Highly organized, comprehensive curriculum venue sets you up for success right from the beginning. 

~ I will guide you through creating your own Coaching Manual with what you are learning for you to refer to again and again as you establish your business.

~ A highly experiential journey through my coaching model helps you see the formula at work.

~ Ample opportunity to apply what you are learning so that by the time your launch your business it feels like second nature.

~ Fun special projects and learning opportunities that help you reach your goals and help others reach theirs.

~ Bonuses throughout the course of some of my Train Your Brain subliminal audio programs that you can utilize to map your brain for your new vision and experience.

~ Helpful Checklists keep you organized through each section.

~ Action steps keep you focused and clear on what to do to continue momentuum towards goals.

~ Stock your Coaching Toolbox full of proven techniques for handling obstacles to success, clearing blocks, shifting negative patterns and making new habits.

~ The course includes my full Creating Successful Online Business Course which teaches you how to establish an internet presence and build a business free from the overhead of a cottage business and geographic limitations.  If you want to also have a cottage business, having a successful internet component to your work improves your chance for success in your geographically-based business, taking pressure of the need for income through the location-based business.

~ The course also includes brand new modules that I have added to my Creating Successful Online Business Course with new info I have learned since I started teaching this model.

EARLY REGISTRATION also gives BONUS access to additional curriculum for coaching subspecialities including:

Please note all of these bonus courses were created to give helpful knowledge to those with no astrology background up through more experienced astrology students. 


Spiritual/Intuitive Coach Curriculum:


~ Developing Intuition

~ Basic Astrology for Coaches

~ Helping Clients Understand their Life Purpose, Karmic Patterns and Gifts

~ Astrology & Crystals

~ Understanding Planetary Retrogrades and Astrological Timing



Health/Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching:


Basic Astrology for Health & Wellness

~ The 10 Pillars of Optimal Health

and more!


Also, extras on the topic of Abundance/Business Coaching!



There has been a massive amount of interest in this course and it will fill quickly. Secure your spot now!


There are 2 investment options for this training for your new vocation:

1. Secure your spot and pay in full and receive a discount of $150 bringing the total down to $1447 (you may also qualify for interest-free payments on this total with paypal credit)



2. Secure your spot and register now with $159.70 (and then make 9 more monthly subscription payments of the same amount - total investment $1597)




If you have already taken my Creating Successful Online Business Course and would love to participate in my Coach Certification and Online Business course, then you will receive NEW modules of this course and other course updates as well as a $300 discount - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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