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Radical Prayer cov3D

~ Radical Prayer ~
Transform Your Life
& the World in 28 Days
is a book of radically powerful prayers for all for all seeking to connect more consciously with Infinite Spirit and live life in their highest expression. Many researchers believe it takes around 28 days of doing something consistently to notably shift perceptions and behaviors. This is also, not coincidentally, the length of a moon cycle. Internationally-renowned Astrologer, Coach, Youtube Personality, Author, Publisher (and more), Annie Botticelli shares effective affirmations and prayers for creating positive lasting shifts for ourselves and the world.
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In the past I have offered an option to receive a signed and personally inscribed copy of this book via mail.
Here is a little sample of the yummies in this book ...
"Thank you, Infinite Wonder for blessing me today and every day with defiant optimism and relentless hope. I know that the vibration of positivity serves as a beacon for sparkling outcomes and I want to be a light of emphatic certainty. Please let me lead with my sure heart today and in instances where I slip into fear or negativity, thank you for hastening my return to Spirit’s silver lining. Thank you for granting me eager readiness to find solutions today and to be a powerful force that gently defuses charge around me assisting in bringing peace to the world, one interaction at a time."

"Annie brings boundless enthusiasm as leader in the movement towards expanding global consciousness."
~ Alexis Neely aka Ali Shanti
CEO and Founder Law Business Mentors
Founder - Eyes Wide Open Collective
Business Priestess & New Economy Personal Finance Expert
"Annie is an inspirational visionary who guides people on how to navigate this human experience with spiritual awareness, a grounded perspective, and a generous dose of sparkles."
~ Kara Maria Ananda 
Healing Arts Educator & Holistic Business Mentor
"Annie can connect you to the ethereal world, yet keep you grounded at the same time. She finds a way for you to find your inner unicorn, all while remembering to keep your feet moving in this wheel of society wiht a smile on your face and passion in your being."
~ Pritesh Shah ~ Actor, Comedian, Spiritual Teacher

"Thank you Annie for your funny, brilliant way of putting life in context—of shining your light so brightly that it cuts through our fears and lights the path forward."

Jeffrey Allen - Energy Healer, Teacher, co-founder of Spirit Mind Living”



"I enjoy your book a few times a day.... It's like an almost-instant hug in which to drop my stiff shoulders as I continue to do better and better after major transitional forces created massive upheaval and forced 'clean-up'.
My perspective on Radical Prayer? ~ in all of its innocence, a cursory glance will belie the power of the layers of love within.  It's only upon reading with intent that a proverbial hand begins to unfold, offering a key with which to unlock any number of doors. 
Annie, your sweet little book has already morphed into a proverbial scaffolding for my mostly-repaired walls that had crumbled in recent years; quite literally and figuratively, a Godsend.
All that's left to say is 'Thank You' for sharing the outpouring of your gifted Soul. I'm sure I'm just one of many that feels blessed for having found you.
and while a helping of much-needed cheese ~ I submit that from here on, further gratitude for your good works be represented by the warmth of each Sun's ray. That as they touch You, they serve as a warm blessing from not only your fans like me ~ but also from the Universe and all of its good energies."
Love and Respect
....with only kind regards,
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