(formerly Foundational Astrology Education Series) 


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Learn to read charts in 6 easy steps by learning the: 

  • Wheel ​- what it represents and how to read it
  • Planets - which signs and houses they rule, the lessons and opportunities they bring and how to maximize the potentials
  • Houses - what they each represent, the qualities they possess and how they relate to the planets and signs
  • Signs - their energetic qualities and potentials, how to bring out the best in the potentials
  • Aspects - the mathematical relationship between heavenly bodies in the natal, transit, and other charts, and how the angle affects the quality experience, the lessons offered, and the calculation of timing of events
  • Transits - how the planets' movements effect the individual and the world, what to expect with each planets' transits and how to figure out critical timing of upcoming events and experiences


  • Audio and Video Lessons
  • Visual aids
  • Quizzes

Each planet, sign, house, aspect, and transit has a range of potential manifestation. Often we default to more negative or challenging aspects of the potentials.  By understanding the the lessons that each is bringing, we can move into more graceful and fulfilling expression.


"I really liked Annie’s explanations, I love the corresponding aspects to science, math and astronomy. I really love the material, there is a lot of it!! I love details and lots of information. I feel like I can dig and dig for hours with the information that I have learned. It is really a comprehensive course and I’m super impressed."

~ Nikki C.


"This may seem like a trite description, but I truly loved everything about this course. The material is super fascinating and everything was well laid out and understandable. I think you did a great job of laying a strong foundation that will hopefully set students up (myself included) to be able to comprehend the material in the next level. I’m also glad that I’ve listened to your monthly horoscopes on You Tube for a while because I was able to “hear” your voice, as I read along with the summary. This made the experience more enjoyable and the material more relatable."

~ T.R. ~ Idaho


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Please go to this link for the new registration

page for this course!!

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