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Monday, 22 October 2018 01:44

Powerful Full Moon in Taurus Reveal & Release Ceremony

Powerful Full Moon in Taurus Reveal & Release Ceremony

by Annie Botticelli


Ceremonies during astrological power periods help us to make the most of the potentials of the event.


Full Moons often bring things to fruition or fulfillment, marking important endings. Sometimes the Full Moon brings things out of hiding and into the light so secrets and other hidden things can often be brought into the open at this time.  Blocks to desired outcomes can often be revealed and point to steps to take to fulfill the goal.


We can use ceremony including elements (like earth, air, water, or fire), affirmations, visualization, written and spoken word to help us maximize the power of each Full Moon.  When we align our ceremony around the energies of the sign of each Full Moon, we help to amp up our conscious work with them.


For the Full Moon in Taurus, any element can be used in the ceremony but since it is an earth sign, doing work with earth element can be extra productive.


Writing down, saying out loud, and visualizing each intention if it has already come true will strengthen the energy.

I call the ceremony “Reveal & Release” because when we focus on releasing blocks to certain outcomes often certain things have to be revealed to us in our journey as part of the path to reaching the desired outcomeOften these things are so deeply hidden that we can’t get at them or don’t even know they are there so when we give thanks for the release of blocks to what we want, staying open to have important information be revealed to us could be an important part of the process.


Here are some examples of powerful Full Moon in Taurus Reveal & Release phrases to work with during this time:


I am so grateful that things that blocks to my emotional and financial security have been revealed and released


I am so grateful for any blocks or other issues standing between me and valuing myself more are dissolved 


I am so grateful that patterns that have interfered with my perserverance when it counts have become elucidated and cleared


I am so grateful that my tendency to do things the hard way have been healed


I am so grateful that the path to a healthy relationship with food an eating has been revealed


I am so grateful for any insights necessary to my improvement relationship with and experience of the material world have come in and set me on a better path


~  I am so grateful that my path to living more in sync with nature and natural rhythms has been revealed


I am so grateful that any blocks to being more dependable and drawing in dependability from others have been cleared


I am so grateful that any blocks to setting and maintaining healthy boundaries have been revealed and released


~ I am so grateful that my path to becoming UNSTUCK has been revealed


~ I am so grateful that any challenges involving unserving stubborness have been cleared 


Some other Taurus-related topics that you can do Reveal & Release Ceremony around are:


~ Determination


~ Self-acceptance


~ Awareness of and claiming personal needs 


~ Possessiveness


~ Poverty-mentality


~ Creating solid foundations


~ Planning and following through 


~ Patience


~ Anything having to do with throat, neck, voice/vocal chords, thyroid, and coughs.


To deepen your understanding of what each sign rules, I love New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller

Even though we are talking about Full Moons, her book teaches about what each sign rules so you can tweak your ceremony to be about releasing and creating culminations in the areas represented by each sign.


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