Manifestation Frequencies!

I first discovered subliminal recordings over 20 years ago.  After rigorously studying the works of those who taught the ways of mastering 'manifesting' I came to understand one fundamental truthTHE KEY TO CHANGING YOUR LIFE is CHANGING YOUR MIND!  

I would repeat affirmations thousands of times a day to impress upon my subconscious mind the reality I wanted to experience.  Then when I discovered subliminal recordings, I realized that I could listen to an hour or more a day and save myself many hours of affirmation focus to accomplish the same thing.  Subliminal recordings bypass the watchguard of your mind, your ego, and slip right into your brain, unnoticed by the faculities that would dismiss, deny, and block the messages.  I can say with certainty that EVERYTHING I was working on with subliminal recordings many years ago, have absolutely been created as my reality.  I vowed to create my own powerful versions of these amazing tools to help bring their magic to the world.  You can benefit from my experience with subminal recordings and my many years as a seeker and teacher of the wonderful world of the unseen.  See my TRAIN YOUR BRAIN subliminal programs below :)


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How do Subliminal Recordings work?

Your mind is a vast open landscape waiting for you to paint the stories of your life. Subliminal messaging sparks the creation of NEW neuronal pathways in the brain. This mapping into NEW TERRITORY creates NEW IDEAS, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, NEW PERSPECTIVES. These new energies will literally start to POP up into your awarenessTaking ACTION on these ideas ground them into deeper grooves into your brain SOLIDIFYING the NEW BEHAVIOR, PATTERNS, & HABITS which shift your experiences.


Train Your Brain while you relax and listen to relaxing sounds of nature.  Many users of subliminal recordings report sleeping deeper and more restoratively and also waking up to fresh insights and direction.  You can listen as you sleep, meditate, or have them in the background as you work or do other things. The benefits are cumulutive over time and usage.

Each individual track is one full hour of productive relaxation bliss. Each track includes binaural beats that enhance their efficacy while using headphones. They are plenty powerful in absence of using headphones. 


"Hi Annie,

Thank you very much for introducing me to the power of subliminal programming through your Wonderful Relationship Subliminal Audio Bundle. Aside from the power of suggestion through marketing techniques to buy, buy, buy the most expensive products on the shelf, I had little exposure to it. So, when I received your program, I was very eager to try them due to the issues they were addressing.

What made me more intrigued were the beautiful sounds of nature; everything from the crashing waves of the ocean with seagulls sounding off in the background to babbling creeks and birds together in song. Quite relaxing. Additionally, because I am a sound machine junkie, I was ever so excited to listen to each program nightly hoping it would take away the day's stress and provide me a restful slumber. It did!

At first I didn't think I was receiving anything but a good night's sleep, but with time I slowly started feeling a subtle shift in me: one of empowerment. My decision making in my daily life became more in line with what was best for me and life became easier. I now go with the flow for my self confidence has strengthened and with that clarity being present ensues.

My evenings now are never without a dose of a subliminal audio charge to keep me balanced."


~ K.K. - New York, USA


 Check out my Manifestation Frequencies Subliminal Audio bundles below and my FULL SUBLIMINAL LIBRARY,

including individual tracks at this link.



Dollarphotoclub 69836428The Wonderful Relationship "Train Your Brain" Subliminal Audio Bundle includes 5 hours of sounds of nature/relaxation music to rewire your brain to create the life of your dreams!

  • Fulfilling Relationships - Enjoy the sounds of ocean waves while you wire your brain to draw in the experience of fulfillment in all of your relationships.
  • Peaceful Relationships - Bask in the sounds of the deep forest as you wire your brain to lay down your arms and retreat into peace within yourself and your relationships
  • Blossoming Self-Love - Love outside starts with love inside. Love yourself the way you want to be loved and you will attract deeply loving relationships.  Go deep into the woods on this musical journey and return refreshed, deeper in love with self and magnetic to draw in love from everywhere!
  • Empowered Relationships - Let the peaceful experience of the ocean at night wash over you as you plant seeds for empowerment within yourself and your relationships.
  • Own Your Own Energy Field - Embark on a spiritual journey with the powerful explorations soundscape, including the 528 Miracle Frequency. Wire your brain to set strong yet loving healthy boundaries and maintain deep sense of self while merging deeply into fulfilling relationships.

Here are some samples of the affirmations that infuse your subconscious mind in the with the seeds for experiencing Wonderful Relationships:

I am fulfilled within myself, I am fulfilled within my relationship I am deeply in touch with my needs, I give myself all the things I wish from my partner, I fill myself with loving focus and attention, I nurture my body, I nurture my mind, I nurture my emotions, I nurture my spirit, I nurture my loved ones, I am aware of my loved one’s needs,I offer my partner wonderful things that are in line with my truth, I am present with myself, I am present with my love ones, I have healthy boundaries, I allow others to live their lives, I live my life in integrity, I am aware of others mood, feelings, and need, I am accountable for myself and to my loved ones, I empower my loved ones to be accountable and empowered, I own my energy field, I efficiently manage my energy field.

5 one-hour audio's in this bundle for $16

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Dollarphotoclub 72726393The Be a Money Magnet "Train Your Brain" Subliminal Audio Bundle includes 5 hours of sounds of nature/relaxation music to rewire your brain to create the life of your dreams! 

  • Abundance NOW! - Increase your flow of your abundance as you listen to the flow of a tranquil waterfall. Bring coherence to the hemispheres of your brain and lay the groundwork for the natural flow of abundance to become your daily experience. 
  • Clarity & Inner Knowing - Certainty on the inside projects outward certainty into the outer experience.  The peaceful sound of gently moving water supports your journey as you reestablish your remembrance that you have everything your need and more easily flowing to you from a benevolent Universe. 
  • Soaring Self-Confidence - The magical sounds of a trip deep into the woodlands accompany on the journey in deepening your self-confidence. You are strong, you are powerful, you are worthy! 
  • Money Magnet - The sound of moving water invigorates you as you as you turn ON your MONEY MAGNET.
  • The Millionaire Mind - Let the unusual experience of a trip through an exotic jungle LIGHT UP THE CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE WITHIN YOU, drawing out million-dollar ideas and attracting necessary resources to fulfill your dreams.

Here are some samples of the affirmations that are planted deeply into your subconscious mind to assist in your becoming a Money Magnet:

I am a money magnet, I am an irresistible magnet for money, I draw money from the ethers into form, I am abundant, Money is energy and I draw more to myself now in perfect ways, I am confident and strong, I attract money under grace in perfect ways and from everywhere, Cash; Checks; all forms of money come to me naturally and easily, I have the mind of a millionaire, I know which ideas to follow through with, I follow through with that multi-million dollar idea, I accumulate wealth, I manage money wisely, I make good decisions that ensure my present and future prosperity, I live in abundance, I experience abundance on every level

5 one-hour audio's in this bundle for $16

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Dollarphotoclub 86349403The Be Your Own Boss "Train Your Brain" Subliminal Audio Program includes 5 HOURS of sounds of nature/relaxation music to rewire your brain and create the life of your dreams!

  • Be Your Own Boss - Enjoy the sounds of the seaside at night as your mind is imprinted with the seeds that will grow into your experience of being your own boss. 
  • Clarity & Inner Knowing - Access the power of clarity and certainty in all of your endeavors as you are comforted by the sounds of moving water.
  • Soaring Self-Confidence - Instill the ever-important "I CAN DO THIS!" attitude as you relax into the sounds of the deep forest.
  • The Millionaire Mind - Exotic jungle sounds accompany you on this journey that activates the CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE within you.
  • Fun, Passion, & Creativity - Take a trip through the jungle as you enliven the part of brain that activates creativity, fun and passion.  The added power of the 528 Miracle Frequency assists in unleashing your CREATIVE GENIUS. 

Here are some samples of the affirmations in this program that will lay the groundwork for your future entrepreneurial success as Your Own Boss:

I am my own boss, I can do this, I make my own hours, I live my passion, I roam freely as I make great income, I am independent, I follow through with my great ideas, I am consistent, I am disciplined, I am organized, I am confident, I am strong, I am centered, I make good decisions, I take the leap, The Universe supports my certainty about this path, My money comes from God and is always there when I need it, I have fun with my work, My work is fun, I love my work, I work when I want to and from where I want to, I have clarity, I have clear direction, I have purpose, I use my unique gifts to create the life I want, I am clear, I am certain, I can do this!, I have the mind of an entrepreneur, I am in integrity, I am in the flow, Synchronicities bring me to me desired experiences.

5 one-hour audio's in this bundle for $16

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Dollarphotoclub 64984032

The Radiant Health "Train Your Brain" Subliminal Audio Bundle includes 5 hours of sounds of nature/relaxation music to rewire your brain and create the life of your dreams!

  • Happy, Healthy, Whole - Deeply embed the seeds for happiness as you bask in the sounds of flowing water. You are whole perfect and complete within yourself!
  • Free from Addictions - Enjoy the sounds of a trip out to the country as you activate new parts of your brain that support your freedom from addictions.
  • Relax, Unwind, & Let Go - Deepening the experience of relaxation amps up the body's natural healing abilities. Jungle sounds accompany you on this journey to let go and release stress and tension.
  • Radiant Health - Enjoy a journey through the jungle as your body remembers what to do to bring about your experience of OPTIMUM HEALTH.
  • Clear, Present, Quiet Mind - Travel into an ethereal space as you listen to the 'dimensions' soundscape, supercharged with the 528 Miracle Frequency. A clear, quiet mind is the key to radiant health.  

Here are some samples of affirmations that will work on deep levels of your mind to assist in creating your experience of Radiant Health:

I am whole, I am complete, I love myself, I make good decisions, I make decisions that support my health and well-being, I eat healthy foods, I am enough, I take in the perfect amount of water for my body, I take good care of myself, I am empowered, I choose to be happy right now, I am happy right now, Happiness is a choice, I am surrounded by love, Peace is a choice, I am one with the Universe, Happiness and peace come from inside of me, I am naturally uplifted, I accept myself, I accept others, I am centered, I am strong, I am vibrant, I am healthy,  I make decisions from a centered space, I breathe deeply and become centered before making decisions, I am full of love and worthwhile this very instant, My heart is open to love.

5 one-hour audio's in this bundle for $16

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