Welcome to my online Vocational & Personal Enrichment School - Luminous Life Multiversity! (formerly Shine Your Brilliance University)


I did everything I was ‘supposed to do’, according to my parents and society.  I did well in school, excelled academically (even skipped two grades), stayed out of ‘trouble’, got a ‘good job’, only to realize ….

I didn’t actually like work for other people!  So much so that I really couldn’t bear it!  Some people love the structure, stability, security, daily interactions, etc. but at all the jobs I had, especially in a corporate setting, I felt like the life was being squashed out of me.

So I came up with a 5-year plan to be free from having to work for others by the time I was 30.  Well needless to say, I succeeded (and a year earlier than planned!)  Since then I have engaged in many entrepreneurial projects and learned SO much about redefining ‘success’ as a personal and ever-changing definition, and creating successful businesses according to my evolution.

On a spiritual level I believe we are all here to bring our light to the world and have an amazing time as a conscious co-creator/co-creatrix in this magical world.  This Divine Spark within each of us shows us our path through the things that ‘light us up’.  The spark of passion lights up our Highest Path.  It is part of my purpose to facilitate for others the path to each their own Highest Expression.  From this awareness of my purpose I have created my online school, Luminous Life Multiversity.



Here are quick summaries of some of my courses. Go to for more details!

Becoming a Professional Astrologer (formerly Astrology Apprenticeship Program)

Astrology Apprenticeship ProgramThis is a 8-month course certification course including prerequisite work and 4 extra bonus months of modules.

In this course I will teach you everything you need to know to adeptly read Natal, Solar, Solar Return, Progressed, Transit, and Synastry Charts either for personal or professional purposes.

Curriculum comes through highly-organized learning portals and also includes a secret, private forum where the learning comes to life.

You will receive a certificate at the end of the course after you complete all coursework that you can use for your credential list.

See more info about this course here.

Secrets of a Six-Figure Consultant (formerly Creating Successful Online Business Course)

Creating Successful Online Business CourseThis is a 3-month course. 

In this course I teach you everything I have figured out about sharing your passions with the world, creating an online presence, converting free sharing to paid products and services.  I help you with a personal business plan and guide you throughout the course to implement the learning through a secret, private forum, where I also share insights about using astrological timing for important business steps.

Curriculum comes through a highly-organized learning portal.

See more about this course here.


Coach Certification & Online Business Course

Coach Certification & Online Business CourseThis is an 8-month course that is a dual enrollment in my Coach Certification Course & my Secrets of a Six-Figure Consultant (Creating Successful Online Business Course).

It is a VERY comprehensive course where I teach you my 6-step formula for reaching goals (and helping others to reach their goals), as well as specialized modules within the realms of Spiritual Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Abundance Coaching, etc. and access to some of my powerful self-development tools to help you transform your life throughout our time together.

You will receive a certificate at the end of the course that you can use for your credential list.

See more about this course here.


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