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Sunday, 29 January 2017 19:15

Your Definitive Guide to Venus Retrograde Series ~ Pisces/the 12th House

Your Definitive Guide to Venus Retrograde through the Signs and Houses - PISCES/the 12th House ...

The planet Venus is also called the Triple Goddess because it rules three distinct areas of life: 1. Money 2. Love and 3. Beauty/Aesthetics

Every 18 months or so, Venus will appear to be going backwards in its orbit, which is called a “retrograde”.  The potential lessons and other manifestations for a retrograde can have some different expressions than when a planet is moving direct.

This is part 12 of a 12-blog series that covers extensively the potentials of Venus moving retrograde through the signs and houses.

To see more about the energies of Venus retrograde in the birth chart, see my blog “Wonderful Attributes of Venus Retrograde in the Birth Chart”.

All retrogrades bring a “reconsideration” or other words that start with the prefix “re” in the matters of the sign and house the planet is transiting through.  Retrogrades bring a focus inward and to the past as it relates to the present and future.  It is a time when going back over things is a prominent theme.  I always think of the Earthworm card from the Ted Andrew’s Animal Wise Tarot Card Deck  when it is retrograde time.  He talks about how the earthworm goes back over dirt making it fine and fertile soil.  It is this going back over things that  sets one up for fertile future experiences in the area of life being re-examined.

The retrograde transits bring planetary “opportunities” to strengthen weak links and set up stronger points of attraction for more enriching experiences.  Often these “opportunities” come through some form of crisis, as they are often neglected for a long time and in a big way so Spirit needs to bring awareness in a way that sticks.

It is very important to note that although reexamination of major issues is common and indicated at this time, actually MAKING LIFE-CHANGING DECISIONS is not.  More information will come throughout the transit so to take one moments insight and take action on it would likely be premature, as the retrograde promises we aren’t necessarily seeing clearly or all angles of an issue, especially on topics of love, beauty, and money.

Assessing, researching, working in the backdrop, experimenting without long commitment for things with low stakes, and in general “staying the course” during the revaluation is usually what is best indicated.

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Venus Retrograde through Pisces/12th House:


Pisces/the 12th House rules the deep subconscious mind, psychotherapy, meditation, dreamtime, mental addictions/afflictions/issues/strengths, connection to intuition, and things that happen in secret or the backdrop.


Venus retrograde in this sign or house will bring many secret things about love and money to light, for better or worse.  Money, resources, other things of value, that were either lost, hidden, or secret can surface. Information that was hidden about a romantic partner, romantic exchange, or anything related to the past involving love can come out in a surprise way.  Things hidden about financial dealings are also likely to surface.

Ideas from the past about ways to make money can come back around to be developed (but not yet launched if possible). Things of value that were lost can often be found during this transit.  Follow the signs to assist in the search.


This transit is an amazing time to receive major 'downloads' from Spirit, and have spiritual or psychological breakthroughs.



Love can also return from the past or someone that you loved secretly (even secret to them!) could return, or someone who had secret feelings for you could come back into your life in a different context.


Romantic fantasies could come up strongly.  Use caution with taking action or participating in something questionable because the odds are higher for a negative outcome if activated at this time.


Intuition about a romantic or financial situation could run very high, including and especially messages or themes that show up in dreams.  Sometimes a dream is telling of a secret event past that has yet to come to light, and sometimes it is your subconscious mind warning you that you have an unresolved issue within you that if left unshifted could manifest as actual events in waking time.  Take dreams very seriously now and do inner work around the things that are coming up.


Summary/Resources for this transit:


~  Past life regression is an amazing tool for this transit. Also, anything else like Hypnotherapy, work with affirmation or subliminal programs, brain biofeedback, psychotherapy, dream counseling, lucid dreaming work, or anything else pertaining to the subconscious mind.


~ Work to clear fear so that you can more easily access clear intuitive insights


~ Trust hunches, especially about love and other relationships, and money, including dreamtime awarenesses


~ Do some digging/praying/meditating around suspicions 


~ Ask the Universe for guidance and clarity about how to learn the truth about things that you suspect are being held from you or for ideas about how to improve money, love, self-esteem, etc.


Venus Retrograde through Pisces/12th House: 


I deeply listen to Spirit and the many ways it speaks to me.




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