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Sunday, 29 January 2017 16:09

WONDERFUL ATTRIBUTES of Venus Retrograde in the Birth Chart

Wonderful Attributes of Venus Retrograde in the Birth Chart


I don’t watch many videos on astrology, usually I am making my own.  However, recently I had a video about Venus Retrograde in the Birth Chart come to me and since someone close to me has this placement, I was interested in what the person making the video had to say.  I listened to almost half of the video, which was done by an amazing astrologer who is well-known and does much for the world with their work.  I was surprised by how negative this persons interpretation on Venus Retrograde in the Birth Chart was and upon further research, I found that this was consistent with the other online resources about Venus retrograde in the birth chart. I believe that each planet, sign, and transit have a SPECTRUM of potentials that run from positive to negative.  To focus on the aspects of a placement that could be considered negative or challenging is to miss much important working knowledge on the matter. This experience motivated me to share some positive counterbalance on the placement of Venus retrograde in the birth chart.


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Here are some wonderful gifts/traits that are more likely to be present in the individual who has Venus Retrograde in their Birth Chart:


~ A keen sense for finding and appreciating a good deal/bargain.  This comes from an enhanced capacity to well-understand the topic of ‘value’

~ An awesome capacity to cut through bull*^%! bringing an unusual protection from ‘marketing’.  These individuals can usually see right through information and presentation that people or companies are trying to sell with fancy words and big promises.


~ An enhanced appreciation for classic, traditional, well-made, cool ‘retro’,  things from the past.


~ Expanded self-reliance - Sometimes this comes from parents who appreciate such things and worked to instill this natural tendency, other times it comes from dysfunction and neglect in childhood but the outcome is the same nonetheless - people with this placement tend to have a notable capacity for relying on self.  This can create some intimacy blocks but deep healing work can offset the negative implications. These people usually require a strong and independent partner who is supportive of them having their own thing going on. 


~ A gift for remembering lessons learned and summoning that earned wisdom at the appropriate time. In the places in their lives where they need more help with this, deep inner work brings lasting positive shifts

(a great support for this is the Bach Flower Remedy - Chestnut Bud)


~  Magnetism for financial support - this sometimes comes from ‘old money’ or other financial support through family, inheritances, etc.


~ Wisdom involving investments/long-term thinking.


~ Appreciation for ‘natural beauty’ and deep self-care.


~ A notable interest in having substance to their relationships - they may be intolerant of superficial niceties and can recognize quickly when a potential relationship of deep potential comes to them.  They may seem stand-offish to others who don’t see the deeper truth of how they engage with others.


~ Very interested in supporting the relationships they believe have true value and they tend to take relationships very seriously.  This can result in more difficulty dealing with endings of relationships they valued but using these relationships as fodder for inner work can be very fruitful.


~ An enhanced experience of the transit of Venus Retrograde.  The best way to manage this transit is to be like people who have it retrograde at birth are naturally :) Their way of being naturally flows with what the transit is asking of us.  Often things “gel” or otherwise tend to go really well during the retrograde for people who have it retrograde in their natal chart.


~ An awareness of the general superficiality and critical nature of society.  This could sometimes cause them to feel more insecure because they can easily see how others are seeing them and everything else.  If there was dysfunction in the childhood, there could be some deep self-love work to be done.  However in more functional situations, the result is a confidence in they way that they walk in the world and an awareness that it is very different than most people.


~ Will often try to show their love through things that they feel have true and lasting value


~ An increased amount of patience in love (sometimes too much so but sometimes in ways that work out well for them).


~ A notably high financial IQ, aka, naturally smart with money.


~ A great entrepreneurial mind - great skills with seeing what has worked for others/time-tested methods, and wherewithal to use them.


~ A tendency to maintain close ties with family of origin (always “trying to make it work”, even if the childhood had notable dysfunction.


~ A rich “inner world” - often introspective and thoughtful.


~ A desire/tendency to hold onto close friendships for lifetime that they feel have value.

So if you are a person with Venus retrograde in your chart, or are a parent to a child with this placement, or have someone else close to you with Venus retrograde in their birth chart, share this info to help them maximize these natural potentials and look at the major bright side of this placement :)


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