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Saturday, 04 February 2017 10:12

Your Definitive Guide to Venus Retrograde Series ~ Taurus/the 2nd House


Your Definitive Guide to Venus Retrograde through the Signs and Houses - Taurus/the 2nd House ...

The planet Venus is also called the Triple Goddess because it rules three distinct areas of life: 1. Money 2. Love and 3. Beauty/Aesthetics

Every 18 months or so, Venus will appear to be going backwards in its orbit, which is called a “retrograde”.  The potential lessons and other manifestations for a retrograde can have some different expressions than when a planet is moving direct.

This is part 2 of a 12-blog series that covers extensively the potentials of Venus moving retrograde through the signs and houses.

To see more about the energies of Venus retrograde in the birth chart, see my blog “Wonderful Attributes of Venus Retrograde in the Birth Chart”.

All retrogrades bring a “reconsideration” or other words that start with the prefix “re” in the matters of the sign and house the planet is transiting through.  Retrogrades bring a focus inward and to the past as it relates to the present and future.  It is a time when going back over things is a prominent theme.  I always think of the Earthworm card from the Ted Andrew’s Animal Wise Tarot Card Deck  when it is retrograde time.  He talks about how the earthworm goes back over dirt making it fine and fertile soil.  It is this going back over things that  sets one up for fertile future experiences in the area of life being re-examined.

The retrograde transits bring planetary “opportunities” to strengthen weak links and set up stronger points of attraction for more enriching experiences.  Often these “opportunities” come through some form of crisis, as they are often neglected for a long time and in a big way so Spirit needs to bring awareness in a way that sticks.

It is very important to note that although reexamination of major issues is common and indicated at this time, actually MAKING LIFE-CHANGING DECISIONS is not.  More information will come throughout the transit so to take one moments insight and take action on it would likely be premature, as the retrograde promises we aren’t necessarily seeing clearly or all angles of an issue, especially on topics of love, beauty, and money.

Assessing, researching, working in the backdrop, experimenting without long commitment for things with low stakes, and in general “staying the course” during the revaluation is usually what is best indicated.

Venus Retrograde through Aries/1st House

Venus retrograde in Taurus/2nd House:


Venus rules the 2nd house and Taurus is there is more oomph to a retrograde in this sign and house.  When Venus moves retrograde in this placement earned income, spending habits, values, financial priorities, sustainability, material assets and priorities, and security are the areas of focus.


Venus retrograde could bring a decrease in income and/or an increase in income returning in a way that you made it in the past or coming from past clients or connections.  


Individuals relationship with money is often involved in the reevaluation process of this transit. 


This is a great time to do research and assessment on material things of value.  I remember one Venus retrograde I spent looking into the values of some old things my father had been keeping.  I didn’t actually SELL anything, as it would have risked finding out later that something had more value than I thought/sold it for, but the transit is great for the actual research.


Some questions you can proactively address during this transit or that may come up naturally as a product of the transit:


Do you have a budget? 


Is it working for you?  


Are you in debt?  


Are your financial circumstances sustainable?  


Are you saving money? If not, why not, and should you start?  How can you start?


Are you wasting money?  


Do you want to have more luxuries?  Are you willing to trade the time and resources for living more opulently?  Is the trade off for more money worth the time and other resources and sacrifices you may have to make?  


Do you want to live more simply?  How can you streamline your efforts to have more of a ‘simple abundance’?


How are you making money?  Do you enjoy it?  Is it worth the sacrifices being made? Is there a better way?  


What can I do now to ensure my future security?  What steps can I take to improve my financial picture?

Just as with our self-esteem, our money mindset is imprinted from our parents and other caregivers and circumstances when we were young.  That doesn’t mean it always translates exactly the same is it did/is for our parents, sometimes we create the opposite based on decisions we make from our early experiences.

“You have to work hard/way too much to get by”

“You can’t see your family much if you are going to appropriately ensure their financial security”

“You can’t do what you love and earn a good living from it”

and countless other plagues we have picked up from our predecessors!  No blame to assign, just an understanding of the imprint, where it comes from and the need to address it.

I always go back to “inner work” as being the key to handle retrogrades or other challenging transits.


Summary/Resources I love for Venus retrograde in Taurus/the 2nd house:


~ Investigating and clearing limiting money ‘beliefs’, self-esteem/worthiness around money issues, etc.  My absolute FAVORITE tool for retrograde in this sign and house and specifically this aspect of it is Margaret Lynch’s Tapping Into Wealth (you can get it in print form or on www.audible.com)

She has a solid background in science and is now a super-successful coach.  Her work really targets deep money issues of any kind.


~ The Presence Process - by Michael Brown is great for ANYTHING you are working on in any area of life - Do the 10-week journey vs. just "reading" the book.


~ Vocational research - anything that looks into ways you can make money that best match how best you want to express your talents in fulfilling ways and earn money for it.


~ Investigating sustainability - solar power, electric vehicles, gardening, living off the grid, anything that promotes more sustainability and simplicity to your life.


~ Learning about how you can earn more money and have more financial security.


~ Financial advise/research - saving money on taxes, learning how to budget and save better, etc. - any resources that help with things like this are well-indicated now.


~ This is a time to be CONSERVATIVE with money and to save and be ‘smart’ with money.  Spending should be limited/much scrutinized except if the 3 rules are intact.


In general, the only time buying anything notable is indicated during Venus retrograde is:

  • If it’s really inexpensive
  • You’re getting a “Smoking Hot Deal”
  • You’re not going to miss the money

Or, it doesn’t matter if you hate what you bought at the end of the Venus retrograde, because it is of no consequence to you.

Making purchases like this can be good if:

  • You’re spending wisely and not wildly
  • If you’re sure you’re not going to regret the expense

If you’re one of those people who has the disposable income and you buy something you end up not liking and you just put it way or give it away when you’re done with it. It’s fine and it’s no big deal.

But you may find that it just might not turn out the way you thought it would and for lot of people that’s a big deal when they’re spending money on something.


A great affirmation for Venus retrograde in Taurus/the 2nd house: 


I choose NOW to be SMART with MONEY


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