PRAISE PAGE"Annie brings boundless enthusiasm as a leader in the movement towards expanding global consciousness. She genuinely cares about helping people and it shows in everything she does. Annie helps individuals and groups with radical self-development and in navigating within the growing movement of "Conscious Business". She is crystal clear in her purpose and has unbridled passion for assisting others in gaining the same certainty within themselves and claiming their birth right of true empowerment. She has a contagious optimism balanced with real-world experience and expertise. No matter what someone has going on or what the stars are doing she knows just what to do to maximize the opportunities and minimize unnecessary static. In a world full of information coming in from everywhere, her offerings have true value, bringing the perfect balance of practicality and transcendence. All of her offerings are infused with Spirit, teaching how to use the Laws of the Universe in daily life to radically improve the QUALITY of experience.  She teaches and proves anything is possible, inspiring and instructing her growing international following to step into their highest expression, making the world a better place."

~ Alexis Neely aka Ali Shanti
CEO and Founder Law Business Mentors
Founder - Eyes Wide Open Collective
Business Priestess & New Economy Personal Finance Expert


2nd praise"Annie is an inspirational visionary who guides people on how to navigate this human experience with spiritual awareness, a grounded perspective, and a generous dose of sparkles. She is a dedicated and passionate creator of a multitude of programs, teachings, writings, and videos that uplift the spirits of global seekers. Her insights into life, astrology, empowerment, healing, and transformation has inspired me for years! I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to gain wisdom from Annie and highly recommend her offerings."

~ Kara Maria Ananda
Healing Arts Educator & Holistic Business Mentor





"Thank you Annie for your funny, brilliant way of putting life in context—of shining your light so brightly that it cuts through our fears and lights the path forward.

When we met in 2005, I was facing huge doubt and fear. Was I really giving up my secure successful engineering career to chase my wild dream of changing the world with energy healing?

With a few wise words, you transformed my big fear into a little joke “Give it a try! If it doesn’t work out, you can always move back to Denver, buy a house you can’t afford, get a job you don’t like, and return to living a normal unhappy life.” Which, of course, I never did.

Thank you Annie for never taking me seriously, and for helping so many people in your unique and inspiring way!"

~ Jeffrey Allen - Energy Healer, Teacher, co-founder of Spirit Mind Living”



"Annie did the most amazing reading with my chart! She recorded the session so I can refer to the insights periodically and 4 years later I am still amazed at the profound connections. She is very skilled, I recommend her whole-heartedly! "

~ Diana DeMayo


"Annie's Astrology work is very Authentic. Annie gives very detailed information about my Astrology chart that helped me see where my function is in the Universe. Not only did i have clarity about my work, I got even more clarity about where my primary focus should be. It helped me flow with the Universe without forcing it and bonking my head in the process on every turn, as a result, i am living a much joyful and comfortable existence. Annie has always been right on the money, and her Astrology work still blows my mind every time!" 

~ Katie Brody- Hinton, Oklahoma


"I had the pleasure of an Annie read of astrological phenomina'z! She is truly an amazing intuitive astrologer~healer. Right on with all the alignments and guidance for prezent~past~future~Onenezz~ Session was taped for further/future review. She was spot on People, also her sectionals in Sedona Journal are Awzumm as well" 

~" Cherokee-Tiger:)"~ Kahului, Hawaii


"Annie has a very elegant way of shining such a bright light on the whole of life. It is no surprise to me that she consistently provides the most clear astrological advice I could ask for. She naturally lets her readings flow, with a gentle and powerful honesty that not only gives me the means to understand, but inspires me to dive deeper for myself. I highly recommend Annie's readings to everyone. Even to other astrologers. She will meet you with a smile, as an equal, wherever you are in your process." 

~ Benjamin Neuamann ~ Florida


"Annie's insights during my astrological reading/journey with her was insightful in that she showed me what I was being influenced by rather than it being limited by predictions. She made it very clear what I came in with, and what I am working with, and all of it was spot on and incredibly helpful. I'm actually considering and have been for the past few weeks going back to her to get a little more insight into those very energies that are clearly influencing my life journey! Thank you Annie, you have a keen eye, an open heart, and a dynamic spirit!" 

~ M.L.


"Annie and her knowledge of Astrology have helped me often in the years that I have known her. She truly uses her gift to help you through life. Timing is of the utmost when making big decisions and I have consulted with her numerous times before taking trips or making major purchases. She is awesome and truly has a God given gift Her integrity is priceless. I highly recommend her. " 

~ M.K.


"To me, Annie's readings are Divinely inspired. I come away feeling grounded, inspired and connected to the fact that my life is happening just as it is supposed to. Her skill and knowledge of the chart is amazing; and more times than not, her intuitive readings have either guided me immensely or provided me with a much needed explanation. When I feel like I need insight into my experience, Annie is one of the first people I turn to."

~ Maryn Leister


"Living in a "New Age" community for over 12 years, I've never had the desire to seek guidance from astrology of any kind. But after sitting with Annie I discovered how pragmatic this "Old Age" tool really is in my life. I now feel assured my life is traveling a path that's aligned with my highest expression." Thank you Annie."

~ Sedona, AZ


“A friend told me how helpful and accurate Annie's chart reading had been for her.  Her excitement was noticeable and I too became excited and wanted Annie to read mine as well. I am so glad I did. I feel more purposeful and supported because I can see a bigger picture and my role in it. I also learned a lot about myself which is invaluable.  
Cheers to Annie she was destined to provide this service.”

~ Lane – Sedona, AZ


"Leave it to Annie to combine a wealth of astrological knowledge with intuitive insights; as if the planets are whispering in her ear during our sessions, she knows exactly where to go and shares the information there straight through her heart. She has a way communicating the most challenging of configurations with honesty, grace and compassion, such that I leave understanding that all is, in fact, right with my world. I feel affirmed after each session with Annie, with a heightened ability to chuckle at drama of the universe unfolding in my life."

~ Andrea Murphy - Sedona, Az


“For me, the experience of having an astrology session with Annie was akin to sitting with the Divine Mother herself. Annie eloquently demonstrates with practical language and her genuine concern that Magic and Matrix are always in union. I felt much ease and clarity from my readings, like I had been returned to the Cosmic Womb with the feeling of "being in the right place at the right time". I was even better able to love and understand my father after we looked at his chart. I also found Annie's sessions especially unique and precious because many of the insights seemed to arise by "reading between the lines", or in the pauses between words. I feel Annie is so talented with language that she also recognizes the limits of words, and so while reading a chart she gracefully knows when and how to allow information come through the pure channel of energy. She is truly a gifted astrologer.”

~ Celeste A'Leah – Pahoa, Hawaii


“Annie merges her immense knowledge of astrology with a sincere, heartfelt desire to help her clients. During my reading, I was impressed with her intuitive interpretation of my chart and how accurate she was in her description of my life and the themes influencing me presently. Her ability to connect and support me emotionally during the reading was amazing. I left feeling like I had guidance to help me make big-picture decisions as well as small changes to improve my daily life, health, and well-being.”

~ M.G. – Sedona, Az


"It was a pleasure to work with Annie who has such passion and excitement for the work she does and information she shares."

~ Jenni – Sedona, Az


"Annie's knowledge and insights were exactly the clarification that I needed to find peace of mind, and a renewed faith in my own intuition.  Annie's assistance has helped me to feel joy and excitement about following my own heart's desire and passions for the Highest Good of myself and my family. She is a blessing and a gift as a spiritual counselor and I would highly recommend her to all my loved ones and friends!" 

~ Devani – Sedona, Az


"Annie is the perfect astrologer, intuitive, informative, sensitive, and straight-forward. She is well-trained in her craft and through this medium brings much-needed clarity to those of us in times of transition and confusion. Annie is positive, yet realistic, and those she crosses paths with can certainly consider themselves blessed."

~ Alma – Sedona, Az


"An intuitive Practical Astrology session with Annie is informative on a very personal level. She helps you to understand the synastry between the planets and you, the people and events in your life from an 'ah ha perspective'. The ability to utilize this information positively is profound. I personally have some planetary aspects that could be seen as downright frightening. My session with Annie allowed me to embrace and navigate these with a new light and direction. Knowledge is power. Thank you, Annie!"

~ Janine Miller, Sedona


"Annie - just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your astrology gifts and personal insight with Mariposa and myself. The way you presented this vast body of knowledge really made the cosmic picture seem more personal and interconnected than ever. You really brought to light some energies that Mariposa and I have been working with to deepen our relationship and take things to the next level. Our astrology session with you was precious time well spent!!!!! Blessings to you!!!!!"

~ Kurt


"Annie! Your astrology session was better than any intuitive reading I have ever had! I could have sat an listened to you all afternoon expound on the inter-relationsip between myself, family, an the Cosmos. Your explanations and understanding of this art is truly amazing and offered practical ways that I could use to take advantage of the presenting energies. Thank you so much for sharing this gift! I am looking forward to more sessions for even more insight. :)"

~ Mariposa Obsidiana – Sedona, AZ


"Annie has the ability to carefully and gently help me see how I am a co-creator in this reality regardless of where my stars are aligned, it is up to me what I do with it. She has managed to help me see how my patterns relate to my astrological configurations, but also how they are reflected in my outer world, thus helping me have a clearer understanding as to how to shift them. It is empowering in that I recognize it is about the choices I make, not changing the world around me, but accepting and learning how to harmoniously navigate the world within me (thus the world without). She holds a space for self responsibility which is an empowering space to grow within."

~ MP – Sedona


‎"Annie Botticelli read my astrology charts via the telephone since I live in New York and she lives far from me. I was amazed by the insights she had to offer! I have tried other types of readings and was disappointed with the results. Annie's astrology reading was amazingly spot on regarding my personality and life challenges. The advice on how to proceed in becoming the person I want to be was realistic and applicable. I was impressed and touched by how much I got out of the reading and by how clearly she explained where she was getting the information she was sharing with me. I would recommend a reading to all of my friends and look forward to another. Thank you Annie!!!"

~ Kelly - New York


"OMG, Ms. Annie Bananie...that astrolgy report you created for my little grandbaby is so amazing! I SO wish I would have had one of these for each of my children while they were growing up! What a priceless gift and valuable guide! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ♥"

~ Michelle Starkey


“Wow. Some of the things mentioned are definitely this little boy. Loves being held, wants to talk to you, super observant. I've started cloth diapering part-time and will most likely switch to full-time sooner than later, so he'll probably potty train early; funny that was mentioned. And the wheat/gluten thing too. I know he's going to go on to do some amazing things. Thanks for sending this. I think it'll definitely be a helpful reference for me as he gets older.”

~ Lauren Starkey – Florida


"I have had numerous astrology readings from Annie and after each one I have been blown away by the accuracy of her readings. She is able to answer all of the questions regarding my current life experience with a detailed analysis that leaves me feeling knowledgeable of the possibilities that lie ahead. Not only that but she offers a variety of possible interpretations of the various aspects within my chart giving me a broad understanding of events happening now and in the extended future.
I always leave a session with Annie feeling confident and supported having detailed information with regards to my life path, relationships and financial future. Annie is a true gem of an astrologer, coupled with her uplifting, positive, and gregarious personality make her sessions quite an experience."

~ Adam Da Virro - Sedona, AZ


"I've spent many years looking in many different places for answers to big questions about my life. Little did I know that I've had access to many of those answers for a very long time. During the time I've worked with Annie, she's helped me see where clues have been hiding and has given me the insight to use those clues to grow. With this valuable information, I can finally give up trying to be the person I WANT to be and simply be the person I am MEANT to be. Thank you Annie!"

~ Jason Leister – Sedona, Arizona


"Annie....Wow... What a wonderful session!! You have an incredible ability to look at and understand a wealth of information on multiple charts at once and intuitively knowing exactly what insights and clarities would be most serving and supportive for me to receive in that moment!! We are Blessed by your decade of devotion and experience"

~ Juniper -


“I am so grateful to have met Annie. Her reading was an ultimate confirmation inspiring me in so many ways, and insightful in understanding my 8 month old son and how I can best support him... Thank you so much Annie!”

~ Jocelyn Belden – Sedona, Arizona


“My time with Annie was both affirming and eye opening.  Her accuracy and connection was magical.  Annie is a kind and giving soul.  I appreciated the information and the caring, loving spirit in which she gave it to me.  I'm inspired and excited to see what unfolds next!"

~ Melissa Sopata – Cleveland, Ohio


"Annie was so wonderful and I truly enjoyed my session with her. I felt that she was like a close friend to me, giving me insight to what my past, present and future looks like and really helpful in making me aware of some of the things that may be keeping me from truly being myself an fulfilling my destiny in this lifetime. It was a moving experience for me to have had a personal reading with Annie. I will use the tools I was given and already feel more enlightened to where I'm supposed to be heading. Thank you so much Annie. I hope you always know how unique your gift is and I hope you get to help as many souls in this world."

~ RM from NYC


“The reading I had with Annie became even more profound for me 12 weeks after our session.  I received some very shocking news, but thankfully, Annie's words came back to me about this type of situation being present in my chart, and it greatly helped me ride the waves of crisis with more ease and grace. By already having a heads-up about the possibility, I truly felt a calmness that made it easier to accept and move through the situation. My sincere gratitude goes out to Annie for her knowledge and sharing.”
~ Devani – Sedona, Az


“In my daily prayers and meditation sessions I had been asking for an astrologist to assist in reading my natal chart. I found Annie through a wonderful article that she had written for the Sedona Journal of Emergence. I listened and showed up.... As they say. Her knowledge and insight into my chart led us into an elaborate and extensive telling tale. There were many, many observations and truths that we agreed on because I had lived them. In a way it was extraordinary. I am very happy to endorse and recommend her to anyone who would be interested in a reading. I also have a new friend.”

~ Lynne Williams Healer - Interior Design


"I was lingering in a forest of choices for quite sometime. It seemed as if every path that I had chosen led me back to a beginning,... a beginning in becoming more and more my higher self. I was being drawn to seek some inspiring guidance and perused the entire internet to find someone I was drawn to for an astrological reading.  As if a benevolent teacher was sitting by a warm fire in "my forest," was Annie. Her smile welcomed me and the reading began. A never ending supply of unconditional honesty and giggles revealed bright new insights.  Annie seemed to know exactly where to guide my understanding of this life through her reading. We talked as old friends of destiny about everything under the sun. Her insight was not entirely new to me but gave me a new found energy, courage, insight  and purpose for astutely studying my energies to gain more insight into my life's work. Annie is definitely an astrologer of the "yay" way! Thank you, Annie, for your valuable and pure energetic apprehension of astrology and for turning me on to the wonderful books that you have insightfully penned. I welcome this serenely lightened path with a new found vigor knowing that this newly discovered wind of change is constantly apparent. Many Thanks Annie. namaste"

~ T.L. – Seattle, WA


“Over the last 3-4 years, I have had many many readings with various astrologers. My session with Annie easily was the best! She not only exhibited profound insight into my behavioral patterns, but also suggested valuable tools to rectify some of my patterns. She has a gentle, patient and compassionate manner and instantly put me at ease. Her predictions were very detailed as well as precise. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends and family.”

~ M.B. from AZ


“I recently received an astrological reading from Annie and I am very impressed with her. I have always wanted to have my chart read, but have not found an Astrologer I felt comfortable with until I saw Annie’s You-Tube videos. I just knew she was the one. Annie is fun, warm, friendly and highly intuitive. She knew things no chart could tell her and was very accurate. She has helped me beyond measure and I am excited to be able to consider Annie as my personal astrologer and I hope to be a student of hers one day. Thank You So Very Much!! Annie really does help you!!!”

~ Allison, Oregon


"Dear Annie, I am so in awe of your precise reading of my habits and blockages it felt as if you were a best friend giving me advice. Your direct but empathic encouragement is just what I needed. I felt as if you were in the same room as me having a chat. Thank you for the tools to improve my life and will use them. Already I am motivated and just listening to the audio can see a brighter future. You are very encouraging and your invitation to keep in touch is most heart-warming."

~ Simone – South Africa


"I first saw Annie on YouTube giving the December 2012 Forecast.  I was immediately drawn to her spunk and authenticity.  I was compelled to check out her website and immediately knew I had to schedule a session with her.  She has a heart to help humankind, and in very real and very measurable ways.  Not knowing what to expect from the phone session, Annie exceeded my expectations!  She is in tune to exactly what I needed to hear--from the spiritual to the emotional/psychological; from the physical/nutritional to the astrological/planetary alignments in my life.  She taught me, helped me, and certainly cared for me.  She is a true gem in the Universe.  I will continue to work with her, and in fact am planning a personal session in Sedona."
~ One who was touched by Annie in Cleveland, OH


"Hi Annie, Thank you for the reading. I am amazed, what you saw in the horoscope is exactly what is happening in my life. How accurate. I will highly recommend you to others and I will surely contact you again for a new reading. You gave me more than I hoped for from one reading."

~ Lisbeth H. Norway


"Hi Annie:
Our 30 minute session was packed with such helpful information! You were
right on in many aspects of my life, and I feel that I now have
direction for my business. Thank you so much for your wisdom, insight,
and expertise. I look forward to a continual consulting relationship
with you in the future." 

~ Karen, North Carolina


"Annie's energy was angelic and kind.  Her knowledge and experiences allowed me to feel the connection on a personal level.  My experience was enlightening and it provided more than I had anticipated.  Annie's enthusiasm spoke volumes over the phone and I look forward to applying her suggestions and working with her again in the near future!"

~ V. Morales – New York

‪ ‪
"Thanks Annie, great to connect here, many thanks for doing my chart, I needed to heard what you told me about so many things, specially about my gift. June is the time to write a book (or continue with it). I fully recommend you with all my heart."

~ Anonymous


“Thank you again Annie, this was fantastic! I am especially impressed with the "nodes" approach. It's just such a relief to finally see a pattern where I just had dots before. And as far as serendipity goes, not only did your reading come at a time when I needed to have my intuition and insights validated, but right away proved that the path I needed to take (trust my intuition and my soul's desire) was the right one. Annie's Awesome!”

~ C. H. - California


"As one who has been searching for new ways to improve and enrich this life, I've recently decided to look into a more holistic approach.  This effort has brought me to Annie Botticelli. Annie's depth and breadth of astrological and esoteric knowledge far exceeded my expectations.  She is dynamic in this field as I have found that even her slightest suggestion has had a huge and immediate impact on my wellbeing.  Clearly, she knows what she is doing. I wholeheartedly recommend her."

~ Cheryl R. - Minneapolis, MN


"Wow! What a great astrology reading! Not only was it insightful and in depth, but to me the solutions given are what truly made the reading special. I have had other readings in the past, touching on some of the same things seen in my chart, but this one from Annie, was a welcomed breath of fresh air. I walked away with a set of tools (books, experienced advice, specific mediations, etc) to help me on my path, not just vague predictions."

~ A.P. – Santa Fe, New Mexico


"Totally fantastic audio and communication, it has come at a much-needed time and with great insight and personal synchronicity. I will be staying in touch as there is much more to become more aware of. You are inspirational, here's to your onward successes! Thank you so very much."

~ C.W. - England

"Annie is amazing. I just stumbled upon her online and took a chance purchasing a personal astrology reading from her based on watching her youtube channel. The Universe definitely pulled me to her. She was everything and more than I could have hoped for! She reads your personal astrology focusing on your deep patterns helping you discover your deep patterns so you stop missing cosmic opportunities!"

~ E.D. – Scranton, PA


"You are too awesome for words.  I was looking at my notes earlier this morning and thought how much you covered last night and how helpful all of your suggestions and recommendations were.  It all gives me hope.  I think we were divinely connected and it is now my responsibility to clear the physical and emotional issues and bring
forth, in a greater way, my God-given gifts."

~ D.B. – US


"Hi Annie, I wanted to let you know something wonderful...not that you will be surprised but I thought it would make you happy to hear :) On the very last day of my 10 week journey with the Presence Process I had my first date since my separation... He turned out to be an amazing person. Perhaps the most gentle soul I've ever met. It's been a few days and we are having such a wonderful time getting to know one another. I don't know what the future will hold, it looks very bright but I am not attached to any vision of it...just supremely enjoying the moments that we spend together. I can't thank you enough Annie for getting me on a path to be so much closer to my real nature than I ever thought I could return to. I will continue to learn and repeat the process. I will place a testimonial on your site and what else can I say? I came to you with almost no hope left in my heart. I am just in awe of the transformation in my life. Thank you Annie. I wish you every peace and happiness :)"

~Laura Ann – New Jersey


"I just finished listening to the audio and let me just say you are amazing, I will definitely stay in touch, you will be the one I come to for guidance, you give hope to people like us and that's the most amazing thing. You were so positive that I feel like something good is going to happen soon. You were so on the spot when you said that many times I feel something good is about to happen and then it doesn't happen and then I feel like my intuition was wrong and that is why I tend to ignore it, even though my heart keeps on telling me it's not."

~ One touched in Toronto, Canada


"For astrology audio: “This was so much fun. I feel like I've been communicating with an old friend who gets me, realistically though most people don't.  Although the real me hasn't quite come out of the cocoon. It's alot of info to take in but you nailed it :)) I will listen to the audio several times and take notes and go with my feelings. Thanks so much Annie .. many blessings to you on your wonderful journey :))"

~ N.M. – Edinburgh, Scotland


"Dear, Annie: When I booked the reading with you, I was so despondent.  I have been separated from my husband and living with my mother for over 2 years.  I felt like this was going on way too long and was never going to end.  But your reading gave me a renewed sense of optimism. Please know that the work that you do is extremely helpful!!  I have read quite a few books the past 2 years (Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay) and searched quite a few websites,  But your reading has given me the most hope so far.  I am extremely thankful and I believe that God and the Universe led me right to your site. Keep on Inspiring!  :)"

~ Ireasha 

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