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Friday, 26 April 2019 15:41

Turn Your Travel Lodging Into a Sleep Sanctuary with this ...

Turn Your Travel Lodging Into a Sleep Sanctuary

by Annie Botticelli

Travel can make sleep very challenging. Wherever you are staying as you travel, unfamiliar (and in many cases, unwelcome) sounds can easily disrupt sleep. A simple and very inexpensive solution to this issue is

an ambient sound machine. This one I have has options for ‘white noise’ plus various other nature sound options. You can also use an electric plug or batteries. Having a consistent and soothing sound that can cancel out sounds can help you sleep deeply and restoratively.

White/ambient noise can help you fall asleep by coaxing your brain to stop looping through mental chatter and it can help you stay asleep by masking sounds around you so that they don’t wake you up.

Another side benefit of using white/ambient noise to sleep is that it can improve concentration and cognitive performance, so says a study done on people with ADHD.

You may love the sleep you get a white/ambient noise machine so much that you use it at home, too 

Happy Sleeping 

~ Annie

(the photo above is of the  Golden Buddha in Singburi Province of Thailand)


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