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Annie Botticelli is a Self-Development Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Astrologer, Author, and Sustainable Living Advocate ~ a Spiritual Spark. She assists willing souls on their paths through personal coaching, live group events, on-line programs, classes, webinars, Youtube videos, blogs, and more. Annie resides on the West Coast of Florida and Sedona and spends time in Alaska.  
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Busting the Myth of Sun Sign Compatibilities

November 25, 2018

Busting the Myth of Sun Sign Compatibilities ~ I have heard way too often people putting too much stock in Sun Sign Compatibilities.  I want to set the record straight on...

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See more blogs on Health/Wellness at!

November 02, 2018

I now post new blogs on the topic of health and wellness on my site! Go see what's new there!

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"A Person's Mind is Stretched ..."

May 01, 2019

"A Person's Mind is Stretched by a New Idea or Sensation, and Never Again Shrinks Back to its Former Dimensions." ~  Oliver Wendell Holmes    

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