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All early and some middle Aries placements (coming soon for the rest of you middle degree placements and all late degree Aries placements) have a strong focus on TEACHING, LEARNING, SPEAKING, WRITING, LONG-DISTANCE TRAVEL, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, DIFFERENT LANGUAGES/CULTURES/COUNTRIES, BROADCASTING, PUBLISHING, RELIGION/CHURCH, PHILOSOPHY, AND FINDING CREATIVE SOLUTIONS.
My first hit of “Baby-Blue's" happened a few days after giving birth to my son and brought with it the strangest feelings.  I have come to explain the way I felt as “premature nostalgia”.  I was actually feeling sad thinking that some time in the future I would be sad because I would be longing for what was going on right now!  I recognized the symptoms as “the Baby-Blue's” because I had heard many different renditions of this hormonally-based phenomenon. 
All Taurus placements have a strong focus on RELATIONSHIPS/PARTNERSHIPS.   This is a great time to: Make friends with your enemies Make new friends Expand to deeper levels of current relationships of all kinds Increase client base Leverage current relationships to boost you towards your goals Cooperate with others Foster goodwill in your relationships Collaborate/Merge your resources with others Evaluate and heal current relationships Start new relationships
All Gemini placements have either a short or long-term theme centered around ROMANCE, TRUE LOVE, CONCEPTION, CHILDREN, CREATIVITY, FUN, HOBBIES, ART, MUSIC, ATHLETICISM, AND PLEASURE. This is a great time to: Spend time with your own or other children Work on creative projects Have more fun! Take up a new hobby or spend time with one you already enjoy Take a class learning more about something you enjoy Research or investigate anything having to do with the conception, pregnancy, childbirth, childrearing journeys Spend time with your Beloved Date 
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