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Wednesday, 16 June 2010 17:31

The Natural/Organic Label Facade:

I have been surprised to find that so many products that call themselves organic or natural still contain ingredients that are known to be toxic.  Known, that is, to the scientific community researching them, but obviously not known to the consumers who support and perpetuate these practices with their almighty dollar. What I have found is that when I scrutinize a product label that is labeled organic or natural, I find at least one and usually more highly toxic ingredients sandwiched in between the natural ones. 
Although in our hearts we all want to be able to go completely Green overnight, the more realistic truth is that it is a process.  As our awareness increases, more and more aspects of our lives fall under the scrutiny of our increases in consciousness.
Now that most people have become sufficiently aware that it is best to avoid sunburns and excess sun exposure from solar or indoor ultraviolet radiation, it is also important to better understand the relationship between sunlight, the body’s vitamin D production, and epidemics of Vitamin D deficiency and heart disease, and their connection.
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