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Tuesday, 01 December 2015 11:32

Brighten Your "Baby-Blue's"

My first hit of “Baby-Blue's" happened a few days after giving birth to my son and brought with it the strangest feelings.  I have come to explain the way I felt as “premature nostalgia”.  I was actually feeling sad thinking that some time in the future I would be sad because I would be longing for what was going on right now!  I recognized the symptoms as “the Baby-Blue's” because I had heard many different renditions of this hormonally-based phenomenon

When the feelings came up I looked right away to Bach Flower Remedies to ease my malaise.  I have used the remedies for myself, my friends, and even my pets, with ease and success.  

Utilization of these plant-based liquid remedies began around seventy years ago when by Dr. Edward Bach.  The prominent physician, bacteriologist, researcher and homeopath, discovered that plants had unique essences which could be used to ease emotional, mental, and spiritual troubles.  

He created thirty-eight different remedies intended to ease myriad symptoms.  In order to make the remedies, the plant matter is diluted in water and alcohol (usually brandy).  Then a few drops of the remedy are placed under the tongue or dropped in a glass of water.  I have found the remedies to work quickly, anywhere from a few minutes, to a few hours. 

The remedy I used for my “premature nostalgia” is called Honeysuckle.  It is intended to ease nostalgia, homesickness, and obsession with the past.  It fosters feelings of being centered in the present.  There are other Bach Flower Remedies relevant to common postpartum emotions.  

Gorse, intended to help alleviate feelings of great despair, utter hopelessness, and giving up by bringing feelings of hope and faith.  Hornbeam is for feelings of weariness, mental or physical fatigue, trouble coping.  It helps generate feeling of certainty, strength, and readiness.

Olive can be helpful with feelings of exhaustion after long-term stress and suffering, and total fatigue of the mind and body. It is intended to facilitate feelings of strength, peace of mind, and calmness.  

Sweet Chestnut can be helpful for feelings of extreme anguish and despair, mental torment, desolation, intense hopelessness, inner suffering, a sense of loss, of emptiness, afeeling of a “void, feeling absolutely alone, suffering deeply, after loss or great sadness. It is intended to help foster feelings of faith and understanding, seeing through the anguish.  

Mustard is used for “Black Depression”, when gloom, hopelessness, misery, melancholy, deep introversion, despair, utter sadness, loss of interest, and guilt are present.  

If you any of the symptoms characteristic of the Sweet Chestnut or Mustard remedies then even if you use one of the remedies it’s a good idea to consult a professional to make sure that you don’t have Postpartum Depression, which is very different and much more serious than "Baby-Blue's". "Rescue Remedy" is a powerful blend of Bach Flower remedies that can be used on Mommy and Baby (and evryone else, including pets!) to soothe stress and tension.

You can get Bach Flower Remedies at most natural food stores or at www.feelbach.com You can also find them on www.amazon.com 

Annie Botticelli is a Self-Development Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Astrologer, Author, and Blogger intending to assist with conscious evolution :)


I am not a doctor and this is not an attempt to diagnosis or treat.

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