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Saturday, 02 February 2019 11:46

7 Must-Do’s While You Are In Ireland

Ireland is a breathtakingly gorgeous, magical, mystical land entrenched with rich history and friendly people. You could stay busy there for an extended period of time but to keep your focus simple, here is a list of some must-do’s while you are on The Emerald Isle:
I have been known to take long cross-country drives at will.  When I do, I often pass by New Orleans.  Over time, some travel traditions have formed.  I will love to share them with you :) If you haven’t already seen the Disney movie, “The Princess & The Frog”, I highly recommend watching before going to New Orleans :)  It really captures the magic of this amazing place.  The soundtrack is wonderful and I always start to play it as soon as I cross the border into Louisiana to set the mood as I drive through the bayou into magical downtown area.
Monday, 21 January 2019 19:15

Sleep More When You Travel With This …

On a recent trip to England I discovered an amazing alternative to a travel pillow – the TRTL Pillow.  It made catching up on some sleep on planes, trains, and coaches really easy  I highly recommend the TRTL because it(s): ~ Is more comfortable than standard travel pillows ~ Is MUCH less bulky which means that it is easily used even when you can’t recline enough in your seat to fit a standard pillow ~ Shape and size are more easily fit into bags, purses, and other take-on travel luggage.  It can easily fit above, alongside, or around other things that are packed. ~  Takes up less room packing, period.  More room for other things. ~  Incredibly lightweight It is also not that more expensive than a good travel pillow and well worth the investment either way  I got mine on Amazon.  There are different color choices and all are super-soft and machine washable. Happy Resting While Traveling! ~ Annie
We travel not to escape life, but so life doesn't escape us
Sunday, 25 November 2018 01:57

Busting the Myth of Sun Sign Compatibilities

Busting the Myth of Sun Sign Compatibilities ~ I have heard way too often people putting too much stock in Sun Sign Compatibilities.  I want to set the record straight on this common and very important topic.  Check out my video on the topic... 
I now post new blogs on the topic of health and wellness on my site www.CozyBySweetStarlight.com! Go see what's new there!
Powerful Full Moon in Taurus Reveal & Release Ceremony by Annie Botticelli   Ceremonies during astrological power periods help us to make the most of the potentials of the event.    Full Moons often bring things to fruition or fulfillment, marking important endings. Sometimes the Full Moon brings things out of hiding and into the light so secrets and other hidden things can often be brought into the open at this time.  Blocks to desired outcomes can often be revealed and point to steps to take to fulfill the goal.   We can use ceremony including elements (like earth, air, water, or fire), affirmations, visualization, written and spoken word to help us maximize the power of each Full Moon.  When we align our ceremony around the energies of the sign of each Full Moon, we help to amp up our conscious work with them.
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