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Sunday, 12 July 2015 16:24

Virgo December 2015 Highlights

All Virgo placements have either a short or long-term theme of focus on SELF, PHYSICAL BODY, ENERGY/STAMINA, IMAGE, SELF-ESTEEM.

4c862b3c efcc 4bb7 8d4e 7f2c9e2b3c54This is a great time to:
  • Improve physical activity regimen
  • Have pictures taken for business marketing or other purposes
  • Give your wardrobe a boost or change
  • Get a new hairstyle
  • Re-define or update how you present yourself to the world
  • Focus on any of the other themes listed above
For early and some middle degree Virgo placements (coming soon for the rest of you middle degree and all of you late degree Virgo placements) there is a theme of focus on EARNED INCOME, FINANCIAL SECURITY, MATERIAL POSSESSIONS, PERSONAL ASSESSMENT OF 'VALUE' OF THINGS,  AND EXPERIENCES.
It is a great time to:
  • Analyze income vs. expenses
  • Figure out a budget that is relevant for current circumstances
  • Add a new stream of income
  • Analyze current financial picture on any level
  • Take items to be appraised or research value
For some middle and all late degree Virgo placements there is a theme focusing on TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATION, MOBILITY, SIBLINGS, NEPHEWS/NIECES, COUSINS, AND AUNTS/UNCLES.
This is a great time to:
  • Improve communication
  • Work on writing or speaking projects
  • Spend time, work out issues with, or enjoy the company of or other interactions with siblings, cousins, nephews/nieces, aunts/uncles
  • Repair or improve vehicles
  • Get a new device or vehicle (try to do this before Dec. 20th when Mercury retrograde shadow period starts)
For early and some middle degree Virgo placements (and coming soon for the rest of the middle degree and late degree Virgo placements) there is a theme of focus on HOME, HOUSES, REAL ESTATE (AND OTHER WORK RELATED TO HOMES), PSYCHOLOGY, CHILDHOOD, AND FAMILY.
This is a great time to:
  • Go someplace that feels like "home"
  • Spruce up or thoroughly clean or organize your home
  • Do home repairs or improvement
  • Spend time with family and people you knew as a child
  • Attend to housing or real estate matters
  • Heal childhood trauma or other issues
Check out additional current details about December 2015 Virgo Astrology in my youtube video for your sign:
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*Please note that depending on what degree your Sun, or Rising Sign is at, you may experience some or all of these potentials.  The charts for early, middle, and late degree placements can look very different. 
*Please note that you will sometimes see similarities between the highlights for one sign with a neighboring sign as transits often overlap.


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