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Friday, 19 January 2018 15:55

Maximizing Personal Planet Retrogrades (for Mercury, Venus, and Mars Retrograde Transits)

Maximizing Personal Planet Retrogrades (for Mercury, Venus, and Mars Retrogrades)

by Annie Botticelli


I always liken the energy of a personal planet being retrograde as the time when the ‘tide rolls in’.  If you are trying to push your boat out to sea when the tide is coming in, the odds of your desired outcome are limited as there are forces of nature working against you.  However, there are things that are even more favored during a retrograde that you can focus on to best use the energy and make the transit more smooth, enjoyable, and productive.


Here are some examples of what I love this time for:

    I love this time for relaxing and being on free flow with no agenda, making it a fantastic time for vacations and stay-cations.  I especially love when Mars is in retrograde as it will make many people more lazy and unambitious than usual.  This time is an overachievers relaxing dream.  Since you know it is becoming beforehand, it would be wise to not plan your big pushes or outer accomplishments for this time since frustration will likely be the very strong theme if you do.


    This time is amazing for deep indulgence in hobbies and fun - basically things that are low stakes, with no deadlines, and no consequence if you don’t ‘finish’.


    Things that flow in easily and unexpected, again with no ‘consequence’ if the terms change, no deadlines, and low or no commitments.


    Reaping the rewards of past work ~  this could be a time that includes a financial or other ‘lull’ but there is also the possibility that things pushed for in the past (but not pushing for now) can just roll in easily.


    Revising, reworking, etc. things previously pushed out into the world ~  This is amazing energy for mostly anything with the prefix ‘re’.


    Taking calm action on unfinished business on any level that is squeaking for attention or that you work on proactively before an issue comes up.


    Inner Work  ~  Retrogrades often bring out things previously swept under the rug.  Actively doing things like EMDR, EFT, Neurolinguistic programming, and using other Self-Development and Trauma-Clearing tools can be amazingly productive at this time.


    Working on future launches in the backdrop ~  this can be a wonderful time for working in the backdrop on things like websites, courses, books, artistic endeavors, business plans, or any other big project that will eventually be brought out into the world.


    Experimenting with low stakes projects  ~  Playing with ideas you have, testing things out, experimenting are all great for this time.


    Continuing things already launched ~  Business as usual is fine to continue normally during this time.


    Studying, learning, exploring ~  The retrograde energy is amazing for learning and studying.  It can help you to go deep into a topic.  If there is something you always wanted to learn, even if you are considering it for future work, it is time to take on short-term courses of study at this time.  6-9 months courses are in great sync with Mercury retrograde energies, Venus retrograde can extend that to 18 month commitments, and Mars retrograde may invite cycles of around 2 years.

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