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In-depth Prerequisite Work Starts at Enrolllment and Runs Through February 2018, Core Class Curriculum Begins in March 2018 and Runs Through August 2018


REGISTER at first Open Registration AND RECEIVE A $300 DISCOUNT OFF THE PROGRAM INVESTMENT!  SEE OPTIONS for investment and sharings from previous participants at the bottom of the page ...


Remember that vocational training can be a great tax deduction!

This course is great whether you are interested in astrology just as a hobby, a self-development tool, or to do it as part or all of a professional offering.  I have participants in the current course that is ending now that are already earning money as professional astrologers from what they learned in this course plus my added bonus assistance of showing the model of how to earn money from your passion of astrology :)  if you are using this course to accentuate or develop a business offering, the cost of the course can be a tax deduction :)


REGISTER NOW with $150 and make 7 more monthly payments to total $1200
Would you like to join me and an intimate group of fellow astrology zealots on a journey into astrology and yourself? Then my Astrology Apprenticeship Program may be perfect for you!
Whether you are wanting to learn astrology just for learning about yourself or helping family and friends, as a hobby, or wanting to use it as all or part of professional offerings, this program will assit you in reaching your goals!
Astrology came to me by amazing synchronicity one evening while I was standing in line for a restroom at a concert.  That fated day, the ever-brilliant Bridget, precocious astrologer by passion, school-teacher (now a school administrator) by profession, "commanded" (she has ALOT of Aries in her chart ;) ) me to be her friend. Saying YES to her was one of my best decisions EVER.
Bridget looked at my chart and told me I would become a "famous" astrologer,  be an author, and help people all over the world. At the time, I was a pharmaceutical rep for a major drug company and locked in the "golden handcuffs" of the corporate world.  My soul was yearning for something different, for my purpose. As things started to manifest the way Bridget said they could, I marveled, "You can really see all of that in the chart?!"  I have come to understand that some things you see "in" the chart, this is the SCIENCE of astrology. But more information comes in "off" the chart.  This is the ART OF ASTROLOGY :)
By seeing the magic of my chart and astrology, I was able to step out of my corporate job and overall unsatisfying life experience, and into the LIFE OF MY DREAMS!  I have been free of having to work for anyone else and only done "work" that is in line with my passions for 13 years. I am so excited to assist fellow seekers in seeing those things for themselves and others through Astrology.
If you resonate with the style I present in my videos, then you will love this program.  Multiple learning methods help things to "click"! 

"If you are an astrology enthusiast or want to know more about the science of astrology then sign up and strap yourself in because it's a wild fantastic ride!!!   The AAP course is a mind-blowing, awe-inspiring experience. The world of astrology is so fascinating and Annie's approach makes it easy to follow at your own pace, with a lot of support and real-life examples. You will be reading charts before you know it!  

Thank you again :) "


Lindsey ~ Canada

The program includes:    active private forum, podcast classes, special projects, responses to your questions, personal chart study, other topics of interest, and extensive suggested reading list. I use the charts of the participants, presented anonymously, to learn while receiving personal chart insights thoughout the course!
 The Basic Curriculum Includes:
~ Signs, Houses, Planets, Transits, AspectsYou will use this info in EVERY chart reading!
~ Chart Reading Formula ~ The "Anatomy" of a Chart Reading ~ You will use this in covering:
- Natal charts
- Progressed charts
- Solar return (birthday) charts
- Solar charts (done in absence of a birth time or for an additional dimension of reading)
- Transit charts
- Synastry (Composite) charts (how 2 or more people mesh together)
~ Moon Cycles ~  How to follow them, how to best use them, and more!
~ Using the Ephemeris ~ This is one of the most important tools in astrology and most students do not know how to use it!!
~ Retrograde Planets - in Transit, Natal, and Progressed Charts
~ Major Planetary Cycles
~ How to Read a Horoscope Chart, aka "Do Horoscopes" ~ You will also receive the monthly charts I use to do my horoscope videos!
~ Eclipses
~ Answering questions I receive often like, "When will I have $?", When will I have love?", What am I supposed to be doing with my life/my purpose?, and more
~ Astrological Timing - Business launches an~d other timing questions/planning
~ North & South Nodes - I think these are the most important aspects of a chart!
While you learn, you have personal mini-readings, bringing the learning to a very personal level. I also show you how to read horoscope charts and I send out the charts I use to do the monthly horoscope videos on youtube for you to study each month. Having the visuals for the reports drives home the understanding about where the information in horoscopes come and deepens the use of this valuable tool.
This is also a CERTIFICATE COURSE.  You will receive a certificate at the end with the option for a special project tying together your learning that gives you my endorsement on your website or other marketing materials.
You can be very involved with the live calls and group forum or learn in the backdrop in your own way, at your own time. Resources are set up so that when you have more time you can put more into the program, and when your schedule is busy, you can save the playbacks, assignments, and group forum review for when you have time.
If you haven't taken my Astrology Basics & Beyond (formerly the Foundational Astrology Education Series, it teaches the basics and it is a pre-requisite. It is included at no additional when you register for the Astrology Apprenticeship Program.
Also, if you register within 48 hours you receive a major discount in the program price.  I want our group to come together quickly so we can get to work (and play!)  The live calls will start in March 2017 and run through August 2017, but we need January & February for pre-work and preparation.
The time is NOW!  DO IT!
There is a very limited number of slots for the program so if you are interested, take action now. The regular price of the program is $1500 but ...
Register now and receive $300 off bringing the total down to just $1200

There are two investment options:
1. Pay in full and receive a further discount of $100 bringing the total down to $1100 (you may also qualify for interest-free full payment with paypal credit.)

2. REGISTER NOW with $150 and make 7 more monthly payments to total $1200

If you really want to do this but need a modified payment plan to make it happen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., sometimes I can assist this way :)
 Here are some sharings from participants in previous courses ...

I am loving Annie's AAP course! I have studied astrology for fun for years but never thought about doing anything with it and this course is providing me with exactly what I need in terms of my learning process. Annie teaches in a clear and grounded yet inspirational way. I am learning so much and also integrating prior knowledge and tying up loose ends, for instance I am not a strong visual learner nor am I good at math so I shied away from the visual representation of natal charts thinking that they were too complicated for me, and now I can just glance at a chart and glean many interesting insights (that's one example of many). 

I also feel a strong sense of community with my fellow students. We have an online forum in which we interact with each other and test out what we are learning. The forum has been integral to my growth in that I get to practice my astrology skills in a "safe" environment; it has really boosted my confidence and enabled me to feel more ready to begin working with clients. Annie is so very supportive and encouraging, answering our questions and sharing insights in order to support our learning process. I feel that when I look back on this course one day I am going to see it as an invaluable and significant part of my growth process/path toward my life purpose/north node :). To sum up, this course makes me happy. 


RYT 500

Yoga Teacher

Website: NicoleAthena.com

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Love, Love, Annie Botticelli’s Astrology Apprenticeship Classes!!

I went in knowing very little about what I was doing regarding Astrology, reading one’s chart correctly, Eclipses, how they affect us, as well as Lunar Eclipses!

Did you know you need to use an Ephemeris in Astrology? Me either! So much knowledge to learn in this class! 

We all are so much more than a Sun Sign!!

While I went in pretty much green, I came out with the knowledge on all the above & then some!

Annie’s Astrology Apprenticeship Classes, are not only straight forward in laymen terms for a beginner, but, includes courses that would make one who is proficient in Astrology stand up & take notice!

I highly recommend taking this course for anyone who wants to brush up on their Astrology skills, to the people who need to learn the basics & move up the professional latter, including the folks who aren’t so green, but want to learn how to incorporate Astrology into their offerings to others! This is the class!

Thank you so much Annie for sharing your knowledge & ensuring I understood Astrology & all it has to offer every step of the way!"

Wendy Mundy 

"I am so grateful that I met Annie, she came into my life at the perfect time.  I was looking for an astrology teacher that knew how to take the complicated out of astrology, Annie has an extraordinary gift for making astrology relative.  I have learned a great deal over the past six months, but more importantly i have learned how to apply this knowledge!  Annie is very conscious of each individual students personal path and she has helped me specifically in the areas of astrology that I would like to pursue for business.  I plan to sign up for her continuation course and look forward to continuing my education with Annie :) "

-Jennifer Kissling

"I just love Astrology, and I struggled to teach myself…..with very little progress……for 2 ½ years before finding Annie’s Astrology Apprenticeship Program.  With the help of her teaching and mentorship, my knowledge and ability has grown exponentially over the past 6 months.

After trying for so long on my own, she was able to quickly unlock the door for me to this fun new world.......and helped me clarify the direction I hope to take it in for my future.

I am in my 50’s and starting to plan for my retirement.  I am currently working full-time at a job that I love very much.  My short-term goal is to continue learning Astrology and to practice/hone my craft with the hope of opening my own practice to have fun with in my retirement.

I feel like Annie has lifted a very, very heavy lid to the most wonderful and exciting toy box that I get play in for the rest of my life!!! :--))

I will always be grateful to her for providing this opportunity to learn Astrology and for the positive impact she has had on my life."

Lisa Anderson
"Annie Botticelli's AAP course is designed to accommodate both the novice and the aspiring professional astrologer. Annie provides a patient, interactive group setting that keeps the class engaged every week. The classes cover multiple topics that allow the participants to grow and become more confident about how to apply astrology to their everyday lives and to help others. I encourage anyone who is seeking personal or professional development to invest in Annie’s AAP course."

~ D.W. - Illinois, USA

Hope to see you in my virtual classroom!
Send any questions about the course to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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