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Wednesday, 22 February 2017 18:46

Tracking Men's Moon Cycles (YES, they ARE real!)

Men, have you ever become aware of patterns with how you feel, how you act, and how you experience life that seem to roll through around every month?  Women, have you ever noticed that men close to you have a notable cycle that seems to show monthly patterns that effect their moods and actions?  The moon's monthly cycle affects all people, including men.  Here is some information about how you can track these patterns and benefit from the awareness, without having to consult an astrologer or have an astrology background.

The information in this blog is focused on the men but women can use the suggestions for themselves, as well, or for the benefit of their relationships with the men in their lives.


The moon moves through a different zodiac sign every few days.  Depending on our birth chart, that monthly cycle will bring the Moon in contact with our personal astrological placements at different times every month. For example, when the Moon passes the Sun in our chart, we might get a boost of energy, when it passes over Pluto, we could have a conflict (inner or outer) or a breakthrough.  


This cycle is at play for each individual EVERY month.  Men experience this cycle just as notably as women do!


Depending on the signs and aspects in each persons chart we could have different manifestations when the Moon passes over certain areas.  Even without an astrologer seeing your chart, or you tracking this in your own chart, you can use a Moon Journal to track when the Moon is in certain signs, to see how you feel as a man (or a woman).  Tracking your mood, energy level, productivity level, dreams, perspectives, insights, and other experiences over several moon cycles will be an eye-opening experience.  It will explain many things and also gives you access to information that you can use to have a more fulfilling and happy life.  For instance, if you find that when the Moon gets into certain placements that you are more sensitive, you can avoid planning demanding things for those times in future cycles.  If you find that when the Moon gets into other placements, you feel energized, you can plan busy or titanic efforts for those times.  The Moon Journal is helpful for self and for others.  If you know someone close to you is more stressed at certain times, you can save big discussions for times when their perspective is brighter.  There are infinite ways you can use the tracking of Moon cycle experiences to your benefit.


What you will need for this project is:


1. A journal or notebook for writing and keeping your insights in one place

2. Either online or print moon calendar. I like Llewellyn's Planetary Guide - here is the link for 2017 but you can also use this link to get info about the journal and find the current year) Here is a link to track the Moon's movement through the signs online.


In your journal write the date, the SIGN the Moon is in, and how you feel and anything else notable.  If you are tracking for someone else, do the same for them.  You can write a simultaneous journal for yourself and your perceptions of those around you, too. I hope you experience great insights from this project!





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