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Thursday, 08 December 2016 11:38

Crystals for Taurus

Crystals hold great power for healing and accentuating positive attributes.  The frequencies of certain crystals have a resonance with aspects of focus for each astrological sign.  Here is more information about crystals that work beautifully to clear, balance, energize, and harmonized the energies of Taurus.

Anyone that has any notable placement in Taurus can benefit from their use. Additionally, anyone who is looking for assistance on the topics mentioned for each crystal can draw support from them.  Trust your intuition!  Crystals that can help you will often 'speak' to you or draw you to them :) 


Birth Stones- Emerald

Other great stones for Taurus:

  • Aragonite
  • Malachite
  • Aquamarine
  • Lapislazuli
  • Shamanite
  • Rhodonite
  • Topaz
  • Green Tourmaline
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Chalcedony
  • Rutilated quartz
  • Green calcite
  • Peridot
  • Kyanite
  • Prehnite
  • Beryl
  • Lepidolite

Emerald :

  • Associated with successful love and fostering loyalty
  • Enhances strength of character and strength in overcoming the misfortunes in lives
  • Can protect against enchantments


  • Helps in purify and raise the vibrations of the surroundings


  • Encourages risk taking and change
  • Assists in looking at the world from someone else’s perspective so it helps to soften intolerance
  • Very assistive to taking owning circumstances instead of blaming others


  • Brings courage


  • Helps in developing and focusing on intuition
  • Helps and facilitate the stretching beyond the material world


  • Fosters feeling of safety while encouraging reaching out into the spiritual realms


  • Very helpful with assisting in forgiveness 
  • Fosters reconciliation.


  • Can help reduce dark emotions and negativity

Green Tourmaline:

  • Promotes flexibility
  • The energy of this stone enables one to see all the possible solutions

Blue Lace Agate:

  • It helps in dissolving fears and facilitating clear communications


  • Helps to stretch out the expression and increases the intellectual processes, mental and verbal

Rutilated quartz:

  • Helps you to lift your viewpoint from the mundane into the bigger picture and release the hold on the past  so that forward movement can occur

Green calcite:

  • Helps to dissolve rigid beliefs from the past and that facilitates the movement forward into new projects


  • Is excellent for encouraging positive expressions
  • Can help dissolve out possessiveness


  • Can assist in trusting intuition
  • A great clearing stone


  • Helps in letting go of the material things
  • Facilitates the trust in the divine plan


  • Can help to let go off emotional baggage


  • Is wonderful for releasing dependency


A wonderful resource that has enhanced my knowledge about crystals and astrological signs: The Crystal Zodiac by Judy Hall

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