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Saturday, 01 July 2017 16:08

Must Know about Reverse Osmosis Water!

A while ago I shared about my surprising finding about the ph of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water. The ph is much lower than the ideal of 7.0 or higher. For every .1 decrease in ph, a drastic increase in acidity occurs.

This doesn't sound like a big deal but since health starts in the gut, creating/maintaining an acid environment internally definitely has tremendous negative implications. 

I discovered that putting a small pinch of baking soda in the RO water glass can adjust the ph to optimal, however I want to make clear that I don't advocate that as a long-term practice. 

Spring water is my favorite choice (especially when charged with crystals, affirmation, conscious energy, and sacred geometry). 

Just make sure that the company you use DOESN'T ADD FLOURIDE in to the spring water! (especially be suspicious of the growing number of spring water companies owned by Nestle). You can go to www.findaspring.comand call up local ones to see if they have drinking water available from the springs. Also, most areas have spring water delivery available. I suggest you pay the extra nominal amount for the BPA free bottles (they may not talk about these but many of them have them if you ask).

Although baking soda can be used effectively internally for many issues, it can also do harm if it isn't the right match for your situation, or if the dose or frequency isn't optimal for your personal situation. Check out some great info about baking soda by Dr. Axe: https://draxe.com/baking-soda-uses/

I had been drinking Oak Creek spring water (in Sedona, Arizona) for years and only switched because I moved away from accessing it. I was concerned about buying spring water because of the plastic containers, which is how I came to put an RO machine on my well water. 

A crazy amount of health issues followed this (No-one could figure out how, with my meticulous alkaline diet, I could be having such issues that were obviously due to high acid levels) and it took me tons of prayer/meditation, doctors, experimentation, research, and inner work, to figure out what was going on.
(and by the way, it was me that figured it out, not the doctors.  I have had amazing doctors but it is important for use to remember our health practitioners are supposed to be our PARTNERS in health.  We are not supposed to surrender the job of our healing completely to them.) 

Once I changed to high ph water (10 ph), the issues started to go away quickly. One day, I will be able to back down to the 7+ ph of spring water. 

I so wish I had known all of this before!

So my message to you and anyone you know who is suffering with diseases of any kind, is to guard your stomach ph like it is precious gold!!

Love & Light,


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