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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 23:01

Detoxifying with the Moon Cycles - Amplify Your Health Efforts

The Moon cycles affect our every day experiences. They can be used to enhance our efforts on so many levels.  One such experience relates to detoxifying and replenishing.

When the Moon is waning (going from very full down to barely visible) there is more of a DRAWING effect. So detox efforts through baths and diet cleanses, etc  will be enhanced during this time.

You will ABSORB more of the minerals and other nutrient in replenshing baths and through food during the waxing cycle (when the moon grows frm barely visible to full). This is for better and worse!  So you will absorb more toxins from bath water and foods during this cycle as well as beneficial nutrients.

Check out the accompanying video to this blog for more details ...


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 I am not a doctor. Detoxifying may not be appropriate for your situation. It is important to check in with your body and your health care practitioner to make sure it is good for you and your circumstances.