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Wednesday, 06 January 2016 19:36

All about Jupiter through the Signs and Houses

Jupiter through the Signs and Houses
Jupiter is the "Great Benefic", bringer of good luck, opportunities, fortune, growth, and expansion, ruler of the sign of Sagittarius.  Its presence makes the sign and house it is passing through BIGGER, FULLER, MORE EXPANDED.  It bring BREADTH wherever it goes.  Jupiter is literally "full of hot air".  This energy can fuel big dreams and ignite hope and understanding on a massive level, it can also burn itself out with exaggerated excess.
Some key points to maximize Jupiter transits:
~ Go BIG!  Taking the energy of the house and sign to the Nth degree, as far as you possibly can, maximizes the potentials.  Jupiter spends about a year in each sign/house, so wherever it is, it hasn't been in that area for around 12 years, and after the transit it won't return again for the same amount of time.  Checking back into what was happening the last time Jupiter was in the same place helps you to understand the potentials this time around.
~ Plant as many seeds as possible ~ Jupiter energy very much represents BREADTH.  The more seeds you plant in the given area (house/sign) Jupiter is present in now, gives more possibilities for the future, even after the transit has passed.  Seeds planted now can grow over the next 12 years.  If you have to choose between one thing or many, go for the "many" option.  Jupiter likes diversity and options.  The more of these you give yourself during the transit as it relates to the sign and house, the more possibilities for the future.
~ Understand expansion as a relative topic ~  what feels "bigger" to you right now could be different than at another time in your life.  Sometimes expansion comes in the form of something actually bigger, like a bigger home.  But sometimes a smaller house with less overhead, feels more expanding. The relative experience of expansion is what you can expect with a Jupiter transit.
~ Expect more freedom ~ Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which is one of the two biggest "freedom lovers" of the zodiac.  Wherever Jupiter goes, it brings the potential for more feeling of freedom in that sign/house.  Again, "freedom" is a relative experience.  
~ Look forward to relief ~ Jupiter often brings more enthusiasm and hope to whatever field of experience it is moving through.  
~ Try to maintain balance ~ One caution when Jupiter is present is to not let the good feelings over-inflate to a point where reason and discernment is forgotten, or where over-promising, over-doing, or over-committing can occur.  
~ Remember that astrological transits can often show up "weak links" ~ While Jupiter transits more often bring wonderful things, the tendency of Jupiter to expand and amplify can also make bigger a problem or a challenge, but all with the intention of your giving it your full attention for resolution.
Jupiter through the each of the Signs and the Houses:
Jupiter in the sign of Aries or the 1st House:
Jupiter's tendency to "lift" can be really profound here.  Optimism, joy, and excitement are all more likely now. The feeling of a "clean slate" is likely, especially as Jupiter crosses over the Ascendant at the beginning of the transit through this house.
This transit can bring an increased focus on physical health and vitality.  Also, your "sense of self" can be expanded.  How a person sees themselves, as far as their service or "role" in the world, can be significantly expanded. Sometimes this transit brings recognition, attention, or a widening in your identity.  This can be a great transit for improving self-esteem.  If you who are hoping to gain weight or muscle, this transit can assist.  People who are not looking to gain weight will often also gain weight, as Jupiter adds to the physical self, sometimes literally.  While Jupiter carries many positive associations, one drawback it can have is excess to the point of laziness or self-indulgence.  One could either use the energy of Jupiter's "more" in the house of the physical body to give more focus, attention, care, exercise, etc. to the body or giving it "more" food, drink, etc.  Each potential can be used in a way that either brings improvement or worsening to one's physical situation.  The choice about how you use it consciously, remains often remains up to you. If something seems "out of" your control, then look to what the outcomes could be showing you as needing to be addressed or the unconscious/hidden issues that are unresolved. If your issue is that YOU get "out of control" then the transit could bringing up the core issue so you have a good chance of resolving it for good. Sometimes something has to be brought up in a big way in order to give you the incentive or impetus to "do something different" this time.
Jupiter in the 1st house can actually lift the self-esteem and self-focus to such a degree that it could be exaggerated into unhealthy conceit and arrogance.  You may need to check in with someone you trust to make sure you aren't getting carried away.  This time very much brings an energy of "It's all about ME!" This can be a great thing, especially to those who have suffered tremendously from self-sacrifice and self-neglect.  As with every transit, focusing on achieving perfect balance is a great goal.
Jupiter in Taurus or the 2nd House:
This transit very often brings an increase to income!  It usually also simultaneously brings more expenses. When you look back on the year that Jupiter moved through this sector of your life you will likely see that either your income notably increased, or seeds were planted that resulted in that effect after the transit.  Since people tend to spend as much more as they make when their income increases, it is a great idea to establish solid weekly/monthly savings during this transit.  This will help to limit some of the tendency to "spend every penny" and give you something solid after the transit has passed.  
More money usually means more "stuff", material things.  Before or during a Jupiter transit in Taurus or the 2nd house is a great idea to "make room" for the new by releasing the old.
You may increase the chance for future income through education or something else that places you in a better financial position for the future.
The 2nd house is also one of the houses of "comfort".  You may find yourself feeling more lavished in comfort and luxury than before :)  Often this is associated with the increases in income, but they can also come in the absence of the increase in income.
Jupiter often brings the chance for more hope before the big financial showing comes in. Experts in "manifestation" all say to FEEL something before it is true is the best way to create it actually being true.  This principle as it relates to creating income and wealth gets a major boost with Jupiter's presence in the 2nd house.  Don't be discouraged if you haven't seen the financial boost yet.  Remember your thoughts and feelings have power. The more you feel abundant, the more that experience can come to fruition. This is always true but ESPECIALLY true while you have Jupiter's support here.
Jupiter moving through your 2nd house of "values" often brings massive reconsideration of what is important to you.  Often the amount of time we spend doing certain things don't match with where our values lie.  This is a time to get clear on your priorities and start to shift your focus to match your values in a bigger way.
Jupiter's presence here helps to support your belief in your innate "value" and of service you provide, both of which serve as powerful attractors for income.  
Often the transit comes with a major purchase or sale.  If you are looking to buy something expensive or sell something of value that would bring great income to you, Jupiter here will help tremendously :)
Jupiter in the Gemini or the 3rd House:
Be ready for prolific expression!  Jupiter waltzing through this house of communication will bring every opportunity for writing, editing, speaking, communicating, and anything related to your expression.  
The 3rd house also rules methods by which to communicate and express: phones, tablets, computers, fax machines, etc.  You may find yourself having new or more devices and getting more use out of them. If you have been wanting to upgrade your communication in any way on any level, this transit will assist.
Communication increases with this transit can also come from the "lesser seen" sources: guides, angels, fairies, animal totems, and other "signs" from the Universe may become more obvious.  Also, synchronicities will likely increase :)
Jupiter in this placement can also bring notable events involving brothers, sisters, step-relatives, uncles, aunts, and cousins.
The 3rd house is also the house of transportation so the odds that your experience of movement is about to be upgraded.  This "upgrade" is relative.  For some it will be a newer, more expensive mode of transport.  For some it will be freedom from an expensive vehicle that brings the "feeling" of more freedom.  Remember, this bringer of freedom also brings the relativity of that experience.  If you have been drowning in a vehicle payment, you may be pleasantly surprised at the feeling of freedom that comes with committing to public transport or bike.  Similarly, if you don't have a vehicle and are tired of having to have transportation be such an ordeal, Jupiter may help you have more fun as you move around. Opportunities for travel will likely also present themselves in abundance.
Jupiter in the 3rd house also can bring general "busy-ness".  The chance for moving around from place to place either through daily or other type of regular travel is greatly increased.
You may feel overwhelmed with options at this time, as the 3rd house is ruled by Gemini, a sign that LOVES dabbling.  You may find you are interested in so many things that you are paralyzed by the possibilities!
The 3rd house is also one of the houses of "social scenes".  You may find your friends and other social experiences taking on more prominence now.  Also, you friendship circles could greatly expand.
Mercury, which rules the 3rd house, also rules education and information.  As the great expander, Jupiter moves through this field of experience, the educational opportunities will likely abound.  For those who are in the work of sharing information (or are hoping to get into that arena), Jupiter can bring tremendous job opportunities.  Blogging, articles, columns, books, publishing, public speaking, and any part of bringing those out into the world are all areas that will be generously supported by Jupiter's presence here :)
Jupiter in Cancer or the 4th House:
The energy of home and expansion are coming during this time!  For instance, if you are feeling crushed and crowded by city living, this transit may bring you out to the country.  If you are feeling limited in a small town, Jupiter could bring you into the experience of a bustling city.  Notice again this "relative" experience. Jupiter brings the experience of expansion.  Exactly what is expansive to you at any given time can be different :)
As mentioned in the introduction, there is an example that relates to Jupiter in the 4th house having to do with the relative experience of FREEDOM.  If you have been feeling heaviness in your living situation, Jupiter will bring a greatly increased chance for a shift.  Maybe someone moves OUT of your house making it feel more easier or lighter.  Maybe your mortgage is big so getting a roommate INTO house is what brings the freedom.  You may downsize your home or  mortgage size. You may move to a bigger home or one that FEELS more expansive to you. 
The 4th house also relates to family.  Jupiter in this placement will often bring an increase to your family size. A larger family could come through pregnancy or birth during this time, either for the person experiencing the transit, their partner, or someone else in the family that increases the total family size, even if it is not for the individual with the transit.  Also, an increase in family size could come through marriage.
Cancer rules the 4th house and besides ruling home it also rules houses and all things related to real estate, construction, interior design, etc.  All of these arenas could see a major boost during this time.
The 4th house is the house of childhood, and the psychology of the adult based in experiences at the time of childhood.  Deep inner work could occur during this transit in ways that can be most transformational. Jupiter's presence here can act like a magnet for unresolved issues to be brought up in a big way that offers incentive and impetus for true resolution.  Wonderful positive shifts within family dynamics can occur at this time, seemingly randomly, but also in response to the active addressing of the core issues that created the problems.  There are genealogical patterns with family members. True healing work done by one individual can create healing forward and backwards in the ancestry (back to parents and forward to children).  This healing can occur even if parents or children have transitioned from the Earth realm or even if the children haven't yet been born.  This transit can have a major transformative effect on an entire lineage of a family in ways that can seem like miracles.
Time with family and harmony within household and/or family units all have a great chance to increase with Jupiter's help here.
You may see your interest in learning about or reviving some part of your ancestral roots.  Taking on the study of family genealogy or customs is common now.  Returning to a place that "feels like home" to you or that was home for earlier generations in your family is also common.
Cancer, the ruler of the 4th house, is also one of the houses of intuition.  You may find your connection to the unseen realms through intuition and other ways, increase during this time.
The 4th house and Cancer also rule the energy of "Mother".  Your maternal instincts or drive to emotionally or in other ways care for others may be strongly exerted now. This can be true whether you are a male or a female.
You may find yourself more focused on home improvement, even if you are renting, making your space better, more cozy, and overall just wanting to be home more, as Jupiter makes more prominent in your experience the energy of HOME.
Jupiter in Leo or the 5th House:
Jupiter in the 5th house brings expansion, growth, luck with fertility, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, child-rearing, anything having to do with children (your own or any others).  This can be a time of expanded fun and harmony with children or anywhere along the birthing process.
The 5th house is also the house of romance.  New love could come in now or love you already have could be noticeably improved.  This is also called the house of "True Love".  It is believed by many that when Jupiter moves through this house, your magnetism to your one true love is increased. Magnetism also increases for light-hearted love that may not be permanent but can feel very light and free.
Leo, the ruler of the 5th house, also rules creativity of all kinds.  Artistic endeavors and anything that could be called "creative" can really soar during this transit.
This house also rules music (instruments, singing, composing, all facets of music), acting (all thespian efforts including directing. Advances, luck, and opportunities will likely abound now.
The 5th house rules hobbies.  This is a great time to take a class on a topic of interest or go crazy at the craft store, exploring new interests or expanding previous ones. It is common that during this transit one discovers a hidden talent or love for something that turns out to be a life-long interest.
Jupiter in this house can expand fun of any kind.  It is a perfect time to make having fun a habit.  Any seeds you plant during a Jupiter transit have a chance to grow during the transit and for the next 12 years until Jupiter returns to this same position.  For the over-worked, this could be the year that fun becomes a mandatory part of life, instead of a rare occurrence.
Taking your dream vacation or crossing other things off of your "bucket list" will all be supported now.
Jupiter in Virgo or the 6th House:
Jupiter in this position brings the promise of potentials for great health.  The "right" practitioners and the means to procure their services will be very much supported at this time.  Answers to previously enigmatic health issues are likely, especially if you are active in exploring all avenues for healing. Congenital issues or other underlying conditions for disease or symptoms have a greater chance of being unearthed now. Being open to modalities previously outside your belief systems or interests may bring rewards now.  Jupiter love breadth.  Going as wide as possible, "covering all bases" with your efforts will help Jupiter to work its magic.
Improvements to your daily circumstances will likely come now.  The 6th house rules "daily work" so your office environment, or whatever is your usual daily experience will have a boost from the Great Benefic, Jupiter. Problems with co-workers or employees have a great chance of finding resolution.  If you are unemployed and want to have work, the odds of this happening dramatically increase now. If you are self-employed, your business has a great chance to BOOM.  If you need to hire people, Jupiter is on your side. If you have been busier than you wanted to be with work, Jupiter's presence here can offer a wonderful reprieve. 
The 6th house is the house of medicine, including alternative medicine, and studying these topics may be of interest now. The connection with the body/emotions/mind/spirit may interest you now for the first time or if you were already into this connection, your fervor for gathering information and sharing it may increase.
Virgo, ruler of the 6th house, also rules diet. You may find yourself exploring and finding the perfect diet for you.  Also, you may have an interest in studying about nutrition.
Structured daily health practices like exercise, yoga, meditation, supplements are housed in this position and all have the chance of taking root in your experience or expanding if they are already present.
The 6th house also rules pets. Pet lovers will often increase their furry family at this time, and some who would least expect to have an animal, may find themselves with a new addition.  Improved health and vitality or quality time with pets or other animals may occur now. Other notable experiences with animals may occur under this transit.
Jupiter in Libra and the 7th House:
Expanding relationships is the main focus of the transit of Jupiter through the 7th house of Libra.  The odds of great relationships (romantic, business, friendships, client connections) coming in now are greatly increased.  For those already attached, movement to the next level of the connection.  Jupiter has an "additive" effect. So if you are single, partner(s) can be added to you, if you are attached, engagement, moving in, marriage, pregnancy, adoption, starting business together, can all be "added". Increased harmony in all relationships is more likely now.  Some relationships will end during this time, but trust that it is to make room for new and better experiences. 
You may experience more romantic opportunities than you know what to do with, or find you have to make a tough choice between two or more people that you are very torn between.  
This experience of "too many" or "choosing between" can come up in any area of relationships while Jupiter, the planet of "excess" rolls through the relationship house.
If you are not in your ideal romantic or other type of relationship, Jupiter in the 7th tends to make you more concerned about it and bring it to the forefront of your mind and focus.  Jupiter seeks to expand and sometimes in order to do this, we have to do 'inner work' to become a vibrational match for that which we want.  Owning the patterns that we see in our current and past relationships can give us the proof that our 'problem' in the relationship pre-ceded the person in front of us now or who we had challenge with in the past. We are the common denominator in our long-standing issues.  Jupiter can give us impetus to really heal inner patterns so we can attract new and better outer manifestations in relationships.
Receiving benefits through others is very likely now.  For those with clients or customers, this transit can greatly expand this base.
Jupiter in this position brings the increased chance of good "press" for you and your endeavors.  Luck with personal connections of every kind increases now.  Saying the "right thing" and having a positive public perception is very likely.
Optimism abounds towards relationships and motivation to bust through issues increases.  The feeling like a positive outcome is attainable expands.  Previous issues, including legal problems, all have a great chance of being worked out now.
Peace, diplomacy, mediation, and mutually-beneficial agreements are all the tag-lines of Jupiter in the 7th house.
Libra, ruler of the 7th house, also rules "aesthetics".  Attention to art or topics of other aesthetic appeal all have a chance to be blessed now.
Work in the fields of counseling or advising others have great potential to expand.  Also, if you are the one in need of advice or counseling, you will be more magnetic to the "perfect" person to assist.
Jupiter in Scorpio and the 8th House:
The 8th house is called the house of "other people's money". When the great expander moves through this area it often brings benefits from others- money or other resources from family, spouse, in-law's, banks or other financial institutions, sweepstakes, collaborations, or other places.
Debt could be cleared up or access to large amounts of credit or capital could be secured. Loans, refinances, grants, inheritances, lotto or other winnings, are common during this time.
Research or investigative projects are very much supported when Jupiter is in this placement.  
You may be drawn to study the occult or esoteric.  Mysteries of all kinds seem inviting, as is exploring the riches of the lesser seen realms through different modalities.
The 8th house is one of the "emotional" houses.  Deep studies into psychology of self and others is very much indicated and supported now. Interest in "what makes people tick" is common.  Profound emotional healing could occur from this focus or from spontaneous experiences.
When Jupiter moves through the house of deep intimacy, deeper levels of relationship can be experienced.  This is the house of sex and deep connection on every level.  You may have wonderful opportunities for these experiences. The "urge to merge" will be strong on every level and as long as great discernment is used, the connections will likely be extremely synergistic with great outcomes. 
The 8th house is ruled by Pluto, ruler of birth, death, rebirth, the Phoenix rising from the ashes.  All topics related to death, including the afterlife, may become very relevant now, as may connecting with those who have crossed over or other beings from different dimensions.
Jupiter in Sagittarius and the 9th House:
Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th house and even with all of the riches it brings when moving through any house, its magic can work most here where it is "at home" and most happy. Extra exuberance and optimism often accompany Jupiter here.
The 9th house rules teaching and learning, as well as the institutions and methods employed for these activities. It rules accredited schools and the energy of teaching and learning without any rules or borders.
Sagittarius, the ruler of the 9th house, also rules different countries, different cultures, different languages, and long-distance travel.  When  the bringer of growth and opportunities dances through this realm, many opportunities for travel or other exposure to or interactions with an international community is likely.
This house also rules writing, publishing, speaking, inspiring, and other methods of sharing information. Jupiter's support here bring life to these efforts and major opportunities to get one's "message" or "mission" out to a large and growing international audience.
The 9th house rules religion and spirituality.  Groups of people congregating for the purpose of inspiration or prayer are included here.  Jupiter can broaden one's perceptions or beliefs or it can bring more opportunities for growth within one belief system. The possibility for zealotry within one particular belief system is increased now.  Remember that it is part of Jupiter's job to go "wide". If you feel yourself being limited or limiting others with your increasing fervor or passion about something you believe in, consider being open to the breadth that Jupiter wants to offer. Unserving excess is always a possibility with Jupiter.  Be aware to not let the desire to share something you are excited about turn into preaching in a way that is unwelcome to others.
Limited perceptions can be lifted now into transcendent understanding.  Seeing the sameness behind all religions or philosophies may occur now, as a more "inclusive" way of being emerges.  
Certainty and connection to a Higher Power support every endeavor.  The feeling of being "guided" and "channeling" wisdom or healing energy are strengthened significantly with Jupiter's help here.
The 9th house is also one of the houses that pertains to legal matters.  Legal issues can come to wonderful resolution at this time.  Alternatively, legal issues could come up but ultimately if started under this transit, Jupiter makes the odds greater that the outcome will be in your favor.
Jupiter in Capricorn and the 10th House:
Your work, career, and life purpose gets a major boost when Jupiter moves through the 10th house.  Luck, recognition, growth, and opportunities are prevalent in these areas.  These can come in the form of raises, promotions, expanded audience or acknowledgement for your work, a new and better job, a new and better position within the same company, fulfillment of major career goals, feeling of fulfillment within your work, 
Since the 10th house also rules "life purpose", there will likely be an increased feeling of "being on track", "doing what you were meant to do".  
Jupiter often has an additive effect, so often a "side" business or work/life purpose-related project will be birthed or taken to the next level. Going WIDE is always most indicated during Jupiter transits, so if you feel you have to pick between options, usually the better choice is to DO BOTH, or SEVERAL.
The 10th house also rules your standing in the public realms. The chance that this will be notably improved during this transit is increased.  This improvement in public standing could come through marriage, acknowledgement or endorsement by someone with clout, a job change, or other ways. 
This is a time of great optimism about your place in the world and strength of self-confidence and certainty of purpose and ability.  
Capricorn, ruler of the 10th house, also rules fathers, father figures, and in some cases a mother who also plays the role of a father in child-rearing, or has a very dominating personality or presence.  Improvements or other notable events could occur with one of these figures.  If there is healing to be done in one or more of these relationships, this transit offers a wonderful opportunity for resolution and transcendence.
Jupiter in Aquarius and the 11th House:
The 11th house rules BIG dreams.  Not the ones you have at night, but the huge visions for your life, your lifetime aspirations.  When Jupiter is in this house, your chances of either laying groundwork for or having major expansion on the road to your biggest visions for yourself get full support.  Jupiter transits are never a time to go small in the arena of life where Jupiter is moving but especially this house and this division of this house, going for the most expanded version of your wildest dreams is indicated.
Aquarius and the 11th house rules friends, acquaintances, and networking.  You may find the social circles your are a part of expand and you move into additional realms of group experience.  Social media and all internet related dating, groups, teams, and organizations are all in this area, as well.  Any projects related to any of these topics have The Great Benefic's full support.
This is a time to see and be seen.  The more people you connect with, the more Jupiter has chances to work its magic.  Remember that during the year that Jupiter is in this position, amazing things can happen, but also sometimes work done now for a longer-term goal can show amazing results over time that stem from this period of time.
Working with teams, organizations, and humanitarian efforts are well indicated and supported.  Anything involving "communities", whether in a geographical location or based on-line are all Aquarian endeavors and will be supported with Jupiter's presence.
When Jupiter moves through the 11th house and Aquarius it is a great time to lean on friends and also to be there for them.  Friendships have a wonderful chance for major enrichment.  Much growth and healing can occur from seeing oneself as "part of something greater", and one's power and efforts as having more clout when combined with the power of the group or team.
Anything "New Age", metaphysical, or involving technology are up for expansion now.  Uniting with those with common ideals or beliefs will bring much support to efforts made together and also the individual efforts of those who make up the group.
Jupiter in Pisces and the 12th House:
The 12th house is one of the houses of the "unseen worlds".  Intuition, metaphysical studies, connections and communications with guides, angels, archangels, fairies, animals, and the elements all become more important than more "tangible" endeavors. Conscious work with dreamtime through dream journaling, lucid dreaming, and other "dream work" are all well indicated now, as are any pursuits that bring you more in connection with your unconscious mind and the "collective unconscious".  Past-life regression, hypnosis, working with subliminal recordings, affirmations, divination tools and processes, and other forms of "deep inner work" are all beautifully accentuated now.  
Synchronicities are likely to increase and become more your "norm".  Meaningful interactions with others that have a spiritual basis are more likely.  
Pisces and the 12th house rule things that are "behind the scenes" or private.  Clandestine affairs, interactions, projects, may be brought into the forefront now.  This is a time to lay groundwork in the deep recesses of your being, and behind closed doors, so that when the time comes to present your new offerings, way of being, or awarenesses to the world, you will be rested and ready.
This is a time of rest, renewal, retreat, sabbatical, and asking deep questions.  Quiet time, time spent in nature, meditation, prayer, and silence are all indicated now.  Jupiter's presence here brings enrichment to your inner world in a way that can make it feel "more real" than the other aspects of your life.
The 12th house also rules fears.  Jupiter's presence here can help you rid yourself of fear and step more fully into faith and trust than ever.  This house very much represents the awareness that Harry Potter has, that his fears of things outside of him are merely manifestations of his own inner fears, and by slaying his inner dragons, he removes the tangibility from the seemingly unavoidable and seemingly external forces.  This is a time for this awareness to settle deeply into your being.
Pisces and the 12th house also rules addictions.  Jupiter's grace here can assist tremendously with extricating yourself from the belief in happiness coming from outside of you through people, places, things, circumstances, and substances.  Connection to a Higher Power and your latent inner power can profoundly change your perspectives and patterns.
The 12th house rules the connectivity of all things, it is the place where the truth that we are all one resides in our being.  When Jupiter expands this area, the feeling, believing, knowing of the connectedness of all life, and death, become more clear and established.  This is a place where waking and dreaming, life and death, become so comingled, that they can be almost undistinguishable.  Messages "from the other side" or your capacity to connect with those who have "crossed over" may become more prevalent now.
Annie Botticelli is a Self-Development Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Astrologer, Author intending to assist conscious evolution :)
copyright Annie Botticelli 2016
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