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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 01:55

Grow Your Hair Quicker, Longer, Stronger by Trimming with Certain Moon Cycles

The Farmer's Almanac has long been used to spread the wisdom that farmer's have always known about using the Moon cycles to support efforts of every kind.  To grow your hair quicker, longer, and thicker, try this:

Trim your hair on a waxing Moon when the Moon is in a water sign. The time of the waxing Moon is when it is building up from the New Moon to the Full Moon.  You can do a search for upcoming Moon cycles to figure this out.  Then match up that period of time with the days that the Moon is in a water sign, Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer.  Make sure to adjust the days/times of the waxing Moon and Moon in water signs to fit your time zone. I have heard of hair growth of four inches in a month from doing this!  I have seen notable hair growth myself using this method, and being consistent with it can really thicken your hair.  I was able to thicken my hair by consistently using this method after experiencing post-natal hair loss/thinning. I can't guarantee this will work for you but it can't hurt to try :)

Happy Hair Growing!

~ Annie

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