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After a startling awakening to the crazy and toxic ingredients in even 'natural' and 'organic' body care products 16 years ago, I started making products for myself, friends, and family.  I created one product in particular that was so effective it inspired me to create a company based on it, Consciousness Blossoms (now a division of Annie Helps You, LLC), along with the passion to educate others about the importance of saavy label reading and meticulous atttention to WHAT we put on our bodies and HOW we approach body care.  

I offered this product, Body Awareness Oil (and some others) at local Farmer's Markets in the Sedona, Arizona area where I lived for many years.  Through interacting with my customers (and my own use of it), I have discovered countless other uses for this magical oil than that for which it was originally created.

I originally created Body Awareness Oil to help with bloating.  I would get so bloated before and during my period AND at meals (I am gluten intolerant but didn't know it at the time).  I had an idea that I could put on something topically that would serve as a gentle diuretic for that specific area ~ and WOW! was I ever right! The blend I created worked magically, quickly, and naturally.  I couldn't believe it. Besides helping relieve bloating, I have seen personally or heard clients report that it works for:

~ Smoothing/Improving the appearance of Cellulite (many of the ingredients have a strong detoxification effect and cellulite is trapped toxins so this makes sense)

~ Preventing and treating Sunburn ( I understand now that this is because the high Vitamin E content of the base of organic Macadamia Nut Oil)

~ Reducing or completely dissolving menstrual cramps

~ Menstrual comfort (emotional and other)

~ Reducing or completely dissolving intestinal pain (like from when you eat something that doesn't agree with you)

~ Sore breasts (please note that due to the diuretic effect it could make breasts smaller due to the water content in them so use with caution here) I have heard of women with large breasts using it with great success in firming.  I had someone do an experiment on this by using the oil on one breast but not the other and observing the firming effects!)  (Also, please note do NOT use this oil while pregnant or nursing).

~ Hemorrhoids

~ Energetic Clearing/Protection

~ Overall Fantastic Moisturizer - can be applied to wet or dry skin. When it is applied to wet skin a very little amount goes a long way and seals in moisture. I know many people who use it on their face.  Be aware here that the oil is heavy and not all complexions will match for facial use.  I personally use it from the neck down and occasionally will dot around my orbital bones (bones around eyes) if I am extra puffy there. 

I also use glass for this product to protect from any leaching of BPA, pthalates, or any other chemicals found in plastics.  Plus, I just straight up love the vibe of glass and don't resonate with plastic!  I have chosen what is believed to be the best glass in the world for keeping the energetic integrity of ingredients and maintaining freshness - Miron Glass

I also charge the ingredients and finished product on Sacred Geometry, infuse chants and positive intentions for self-love in the product while making it :)

I can't and won't make any claims that Body Awareness Oil will work for any of the things that I have seen it help with but I can share my own and others' experience so you have it to help decide if you want to try it for yourself.  Reactions and responses to products can be a very individual experience. Since essential oils are strong and there is a topical diuretic effect, I would be on the safe side and make sure that the essential oils in the product are fine for your condition/medications, etc. and do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

The base of the product is Macadamia Nut so please avoid if you have nut allergies.


Here are some things that my customers have shared about their experience with Body Awareness Oil: 

“Consciousness Blossoms ‘Body Awareness Oil’ has totally improved the texture of my skin. Not only have friends mentioned how glowing my skin is but complete strangers have too!  I, myself, noticed the cellulite on my upper thighs and flab on my upper arms have firmed up so much much that it reminds me of how I looked 20 years ago!  I am now recommending the product to all of my clients and friends.

As someone who has moved away from using harsh conventional products to using more natural ones, I am grateful that truly works and is good for me on all levels!

Plus, I smell good enough to eat!"

-Concetta Schmidt-- Sedona, Arizona

I was truly amazed with Consciousness Blossoms "Body Awareness Oil". When I first tried it, I was on a diet so had been watching my body very closely. After about a week of using the oil every day, I noticed that the little dimples on my backside were gone! I call this "the miracle oil". I absolutely love it!!!!

~Valerie Irons

"I have used Annie's Body Awareness Oil very consistently since I first acquired a bottle, and it still delights me with new ways it can be used. This full spectrum healing solution is quite a potion, and is a true gem among other body products. A miracle oil, nothing less than alchemical gold. Just as I would expect from Annie."

~Ben Neumann

"Thank you for your Body Awareness oil. I am so in love with it. I'm a purist with what I put on my body and I feel the pureness of this product not to mention its high vibration. It makes my skin look, smell and feel great. I immediately gave a bottle to a friend because I just had to share its wonderfulness. Thanks for not only putting it in glass but in the most protective glass possible! Your caring and love is in this product. Thanks!"

~Eva Marie Dragos

  Sedona, Arizona

"Being an Arizona native, dry skin is unavoidable. Add a bit of age and stress and the skin really needs a drink of something oh-so-good ! I've tried many lotions and oils....but just not getting the results I am looking for. Then I happened upon the Body Awareness Oil....and Wonderful Annie....and wow, I love how my skin feels after applying this oil. And the fragrance is oh-so-light yet quite decadent. I love Body Awareness Oil and will pass this wonderful news to all my peeps." 

~Sandhi Doskocil

  Sedona, Arizona

"I can't tell you how much I love Body Awareness Oil! Living in Colorado my skin is perpetually dry. Your oil not only has the most divinely delicious fragrance (I feel like I am in a faerie garden filled with magical blossoms!), but my skin soaks it up and stays soft much longer than with other products I've tried. I've also noticed my the red bumps on my arms going down. I will be ordering more, thank you Annie!"

~ Elisha Celeste

  Boulder, Colorado

"I love my cellulite smoothing oil.  It inspires me to massage my body.  i need to pay more attention to my body since i'm often usually up there in my head somewhere:)  the oil smells heavenly and is full of delicious essential oils and macadamia nut oil, i sometimes feel like eating it.  its relaxing and soothing and i love taking the time for me.  it may take some time to get rid of that cellulite and sometimes i use scratchy gloves before the massage or my bumpy massager during the massage but the oils are critical to toning, relaxing and rejuvinating.  I am grateful to Annie for taking the time to create the conscious blossoming products.  They give me a vehicle to take the time to be where i want to be, right here, right now in my body, feeling happy.  mmmm ..."

~ chirley c. - washington


"I love Annie's Body Awareness Oil!  Sometimes I have issues with bloating so I put the oil on my abdomen and I feel a reduction in bloating shortly afterward.  It is a noticeable difference and I love that it happens quickly!  The oil has a nice, not too strong fragrance and isn't too greasy.  I also put it on my breasts when I am having soreness from PMS."

~ A.V. - Sedona, Arizona


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BODY AWARENESS OIL is currently unavailable

due to my busy schedule.  

You can sign up here for notification of its return of availability when I am back in my Alchemy lab and shipping again :)


$25 per bottle + 2-3 day priority mail shipping $8.40

(in the U.S. only This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for international shipping info)

for 1 bottle (you can order up to 6 bottles without any additional shipping cost)  I send shipments out once or twice a week so depending on when your order comes through in my cycle, add a possible week or so to the 2-3 day time frame :)


It is my intention to inspire individuals and the whole beauty market to shift from focusing on "fixing flaws" to HONORING the BODY TEMPLE.  When we hear a cry of our skin, hair, or any other area needing support, we can offer it what it needs without judgement and with deep self-love and nurturing. I use re-used or recycled and/or recyclable packaging wherever possible.  I hope you will continue the chain of consciousness with the materials when they come to you :) 


Your partner in your blossoming consciousness,


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