I am a grounded heart-centered Spirit-preneur, with a long and rich history in the ‘real world’.  I also believe in Magic and I credit my awareness and conscious use of this lesser seen force that runs through us all as the true source of my success.

I am an empath. I feel what others feel.  This makes me very sensitive to crowds and being around even smaller groups, and even individuals, depending on what the other people I am surrounded by have going on.  Many people are awakening now to their empathic nature and I am excited to support this group.

I have spent 18 years in deep study of esoteric principles and even longer than that in creating and running successful businesses.  I have been focused on improving every aspect of my tangible reality with my intangible knowledge.

I will love to share the things I think are necessary for conscious spiritual seekers navigating through a world that can feel very foreign, and also some additional things to enrich your Spirit walk. I have created two series' to assist, the “Earth Wisdom Series” and the “Sky Wisdom Series”.

Earth Wisdom Series

 My Astaria School of Practical MagicEarth Wisdom Series” could be perfect for you if:

~ You are energetically ‘sensitive’ and want to have tools for protection and enhancement of your gifts

~ Are a conscious Lightworker, just becoming awake to your ‘work’ in the world

~ A more experienced Lightworker open for additional insights, tools, and resources

~ The ‘lesser seen’ aspects of life are appealing to you and others around you don’t understand or support these areas of focus


The benefits of enrolling in my Astaria School of Practical Magic “Earth Wisdom Seriescan be:

~ Understanding more about the energetic imprints and dynamics that are at the source of all experience

~ Consciously using knowledge of the energy centers (Chakras) and energy rivers (Meridians) to live life more fully and consciously

~ Becoming adept at protection practices that can make life much easier and enjoyable

~ Recognizing and dealing with ‘Energy Vampires’

~ Supporting and expanding your Intuition

~ Clearing fear

~ Enhancing ‘body-knowing’

~ Maximizing dreamtime for clearing karma, dissolving blocks, developing intuition, accessing ethereal realms, and more

~ Becoming a conscious and more powerful Manifestor

~ Learning how to use Water Wisdom to enhance health and general life experience

~ Strengthening knowledge and practical use of Earth Wisdom

~ Understanding and utilizing powerful geographical ‘hotspots’

~ Expanding Plant Wisdom

~ Utilizing Crystal Wisdom

~ Practical applications for sacred sounds and symbols

~ Enhancing communication with Elementals (Faeries, Elves, etc.), Guides, Angels, Archangels, Animals and more


Sky Wisdom Series


My Astaria School of Practical Magic “Sky Wisdom Series” could be perfect for you if you:

~ Want to be more in-tune with the natural rhythms that roll through our experience

~ Would love to consciously utilize our Cosmic Reflectors to have the most enriching life experience possible

~ Have a fresh new perspective of the familiar zodiac signs

         ~ Are excited to learn about lesser known Starry Knowledge

~ The ‘lesser seen’ aspects of life are appealing to you and you are looking for support and expansion in these areas

         ~ Want to access Ancient Sky Wisdom to enrich your life experience and assist the world


The benefits of enrolling in my Astaria School of Practical Magic “Sky Wisdom Seriescan be:

~ Utilizing Sun Wisdom

~ Maxxing Out Moon Wisdom

~ Understanding the Night Sky

~ Recognizing and Co-creating the Highest Expressions of Each Zodiac Sign

~ Understanding Ophiuchus ~ The 13th Sign

~ Rocking Planet Wisdom

        ~ Understanding The Age of Aquarius

~ Getting to know the Star Goddesses and Accessing Their Wisdom

~ and so much more!

Although in the future I plan to have this material also in a version more geared towards kids, this current form is also great for parents who want to enhance their children's education to include the topics listed.  I myself am a Home/Unschooler and have been teaching my own kids this information.  I feel very passionate about educating children to remain connected to Magic and to use it to make their lives and the world experience better and brighter.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or would love to be on the list to have first chance at open slots when enrollment opens for my Earth Wisdom Series and/or my Sky Wisdom Series in my Astaria School of Practical Magic.



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