I may be closing to new clients soon for a writing sabbatical but currently I am still OPEN for NEW Clients Sessions for Live Astrology/Coaching Readings!


   Once you have one reading with me one time you are in my 'client base' and you can schedule readings as my schedule allows even when I re-close to the public for new live readings :)


I look so forward to helping you with astrological and other insights about any area of your lifeplus:

~ Business or other timing of important decisions

~ Understanding how the past, current and upcoming astrological transits are affecting your personal chart/experience - plus guidance on how best to manage and use these potentials

~ Health topics

~ Understanding your "Highest Expression" and the patterns and other factors keeping you from living on your path of most ease and fulfillment


~ Understanding areas of your chart where you have more karma, lessons, and resistance and strategies and resources to turn this lead to gold

~ and so much more!  

I can give you life-changing information that answers long-standing questions, brings clarity and direction, and helps you time important steps.  I can see patterns that have been holding you back and offer practical solutions to move past these blocks.

I will give you an audio recording of the session to refer back to as insights continue to come in from the information shared over time and also I send you a list of specific recommended resources to support you in your journey and maximize the starry potentials. 


"Annie... I thank you so much! You are generous with your time, knowledge and wisdom! I learned so much today. I felt / feel empowered, inspired and excited to start this journey of healing and becoming my best self. Your suggestions were so thorough and feedback, spot on. I have already taken action on your 'list' for me and have had immediate wonderful responses!

Really mind-blowing reading! Thanks, again!"

~ J.B. ~ Oregon 


“I have to tell you, Annie, that from talking to you my energy field is not only “perked up” but I feel a sense of such excitement that all I can say is “THIS IS IT”!  The information and resources you gave me today are exactly what I needed to increase and integrate my level of knowledge and intuition in helping people, with Spirits guidance of course :) I am so excited! I have already begun doing things on your list for me and things keep clicking.

I am so, so very, very thankful to you dear Annie for guiding me on this journey!!!! You have no idea how grateful I am to you.”


~ Angie ~ Wisconsin



"Hi Annie,

You are a very gifted coach and healer. Thank you so very much for all the amazing resources!!!  I already feel better navigating through the fog of this karmic mess I am trying to move past."


~ T.W. ~ Bay Area, California



You can see a long list of additional 'praise' for my LIVE 1-hour sessions here. 



My rate is $300 for a LIVE 1-hour session.  See important booking notes below ...



If you want correspondence sent to a different email than you have on your paypal account then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :)  

Note that I am usually booked out 12 or so weeks and am currently scheduling for August 2019 for bookings coming in now.  If you need to assistance sooner, or my scale is out of your budget, I highly recommend my amazing Apprentice, Maralee Burnett, or my husband, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Session also includes access to my Transform Your Life podcast series and my Being a Money Magnet Webinar replay access :)


I am very intuitive and that often comes out in my sessions but my readings are not 'psychic' readings.  I can definitely see increased potentials in your chart and help you use the energies in the best ways.  We create our lives from the types of questions we ask. I want to help you ask empowering questions and place those questions into your personal astrological framework to create your most fulfilling life.


Assisting willing souls in their conscious evolution brings me great joy and is part of my 'purpose'.  As such, there are also many other ways to connect with my work that can help you.

Check out my courses offered in my online school "Shine Your Brilliance University" :)

Coach Certification and Online Business Course

Astrology Apprenticeship Program

Creating Successful Online Business Course


Watching my Youtube channel, reading my blogs,  signing up for my email newsletter, reading my written horoscopes and other blogs on my site, are all free ways to connect with my work :)  I give many recommendations through these venues that can serve as a spiritual spark for your journey :)

You can also check out my DIY courses Astrology Basics & Beyond and my Astaria School of Practical Magic. Also, my Train Your Brain Subminal Recording Bundles. 

Blessings, Love, & Light ~ Annie




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