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Here are resources I recommend ... Note that some of these are affiliate links (meaning I receive a nominal amount for sales that come through them) and some of them are people or other resources I know and trust and highly recommend without receiving any compensation for doing so :) )

~ My all-time favorite resource for "inner work" that really works ...The Presence Process by Michael Brown

~ My friend Gino is a wealth of info for those with cancer and other health conditions ... http://www.ginos-passion.com

~ The book Medical Medium by Anthony William sources many seemingly terminal health conditions in treatable viruses and explains how to treat:

~ Genetic testing can uncover important health information that can be critical to optimal health.  23 and me is one of the genetic tests that is less expensive than many others but can give valuable information:


~ Why am I here?  What am I supposed to be doing?  What is my Destiny/Highest Expression?
This book helps to answer these questions and so much more!
~ A powerful resource for untying loops of consciousness that result in challenging patterns and experiences ...
~ Learn how to relax and take control of your body and mind...






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