Hi, I am Annie Botticelli :)

My goal is to assist you in living your best, most fulfilling live.  I do this in many ways, as

an Astrologer

Business and Self-Development Coach

 Trainer of Astrologers & Coaches 

Teacher of Practical Magic

 Writer, Author, Blogger

 Website Hostess and Incubator for Up-and-coming Bloggers 

(CozybySweetStarlight.com & AstrologyKissedTravelBliss.com)

 Maker of Organic Bath & Beauty Products

Developer of Subliminal Brain Amplification Products.

 Vibrant Wellness Coach


Throughout many years of 'seeking' and helping individuals, couples, families, and communities, I have discovered many tools, resources, techniques, and tips to help you transform your life, find the real YOU, embrace uncertainty, shape your destiny, and have fulfilling relationships.  Check out my ever-growing list of products and services to see how I can help you!

Inspirational/Motivational Speaker

I love to interact with virtual or in-person groups!  Email invites/proposals for speaking opportunities to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I am open to national and international appearances :)

Radical Self-Development Coach/Astrologer

I have been doing astrology and coaching for 14 years and have done thousands of chart readings. I use all of this experience to teach effective programs and courses on various topics. I have also developed many other self-development tools to assist you on your journey.


I LOVE teaching!  It has always been my favorite part of all of my work.  I offer an Astrology Apprenticeship Program, a Creating Successful Online Business Course, and a new Coach Certification and online business course.

I assist in awakening, training, and supporting a transcendant force of lightworkers :)


Annie writes passionately on many topics through many venues.  She has made written contributions to:

  • The Sedona Times
  • Green Lifestyles on Planet Paradise
  • Tucson Green Times
  • The Sedona Journal of Emergence - 17 articles/columns published
    And had a monthly astrology column for 4 years in The Noise, in the Verde Valley, Arizona area.

Look for many books to come in the future :) 

  • Astrology - Writings on a  great variety of astrological topics
  • Health - Helpful information about diet, lifestyle, supplements, and more
  • Inspirational - Affirmations, colorful reminders of joyful truths, and more
  • Sustainable Living - Green living, safe & nurturing eco-friendly body care, and more

Also check out her other blog sites at CozyBySweetStarlight.com and AstrologyKissedTravelBliss.com

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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