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 I have been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years and have had and run many types of businesses for myself and others - off and on-line. It is one of my greatest passions to coax out or support the entrepreneur in those who will most benefit from this expression! I used to feel "at odds" with my business side until Spirit made it crystal clear to me that my spiritual goals of sharing the Universal knowledge that runs through me can be most brought out into the world by combining these parts of myself. I am so excited to help you do the same!




Free AND Abundant ...

Living in Your Creative Flow ...

Sharing the Magic that Rolls through you with a Grateful & Growing  International Audience ...

Geographically Free to Roam ...

Living Your Perfect Work Schedule ...

Doing What You Love AND Helping the World ~~~






 CSOB Sales Page Online Business




This is a self-study course that begins at your registration.



"If you are thinking or have ever thought about starting your own business then take this course!!  The course was very practical and easy to follow, and the support along the way makes all the difference!  Before you know it, you will be on your new path!"

~ L.D. ~ Canada



CSOB Be the Change 

This course is a perfect match if you:
~ Want to empower yourself and others with valuable information and services using on-line formats/resources
~ Desire to start or develop/expand a healing arts/consulting/healing/coaching business without having barely any overhead 
~ Have a or plan to have physical building for healing arts, etc. and you want to increase streams of income to make physical business more stable
~ Have a geographically-based business/income and want to expand into the international/online arena
Earn (great) income without being geographically tied to any certain place
Transition out of hourly wage or fee for service business
Set your own schedule
Be your own boss
~ Get your messages/products out to a wider audience
~ Use your passion and creativity to enrich your life and others lives
~ Learn valuable tools and perspectives that help you ROCK the Game of Life
Spend more time with your family and loved ones (compared to work out of the house)
Connect with people all over the world
~ Have an online school where you teach others on topics you are passionate about

 CSOB E Learning



 Here are some things that we will cover to support these goals: 


~ The Model for Success - There is one foundational key and countless ways to work with it.  We will cover all of the many ones I have used and more.
Accepting payments - how, when, how much - There is ALOT of information I have gathered about this!
Building and diversifying your income - Learn this crucial key to your future success
Pro-active problem solving using above information - I will help you avoid problems I have had by having to figure out everything myself. I have a massive amount of information about this, lol.  
How to solve problems that come up along your journey
Drawing in the PERFECT clients for you
Websites, domain names, hosting
Storing and sharing information/large files
~ Content delivery
Common energetic pitfalls of moving along this path and how to get through them
~ and so much more!!

Registration includes the bonus of my:
There is a saying in the entrepreneurial world that goes, "It takes money to make money"Successful business people always look back at those rightly placed investments that made all the difference between their successful business and their dream remaining that - just a dream.
Creating successful business takes a willingness to invest in yourself, your ideas, your dreams.  It doesn't come from just taking a course but using time-tested practices and resources combined with your unique gifts and talents and beckoning Destiny, you become a force to be reckoned with!
If you want the vision of you, sharing your life's passion with a grateful international audience, doing your "work" on your time, from wherever in the world you want to be to turn into your reality - Act NOW!
CSOB Sales Page I Can Do It

Here's what some participants from the course are saying ...

"Annie’s Creating Online Successful Business Course has helped me progress immensely, by giving me the tools to blend together the pieces needed to build an internet presence, which will serve as a basis for my future online business. At present I have gained a notable amount subscribers on my YouTube channel and nearly reaching a thousand followers on my Facebook page, since starting the course. This is an amazing course to invest in as Annie teaches all the tools you need to create an successful online business, exactly what it says on the box, this course delivers!!"
T.G. - United Kingdom
"I was guided to take Annie's online business success course in the midst of my decision to leave my job and follow my passion to start my online business. Having no prior business education or courses I feel that I now have the confidence to start my business but also the knowledge that I will prosper after having learned all of the tips, techniques and guidance Annie has taught in this course. I highly suggest this program for anyone who is serious about being successful in an online business. Annie is a breath of fresh air and full of vibrance. I am eternally greatful for this program and her inner work."
C. McDevitt 
"If you feel drawn to start an online business with integrity, then Annie Botticelli's course is for you!  Through step-by-step practical information and a personalized assessment you will learn how to have a successful online business. The insights and assignments have been invaluable in giving me direction and shaping the future of my online business in alignment with my soul's purpose." 
~ H.D. - USA
"Annie has something very special. One could call it a gift, a certain...something, or maybe a little pouch of magic from which she draws her power. Whatever the source may be, Annie applies this gift perfectly, with a gentle touch, with such clarity, respect, and a genuine joy for the whole process. This amazing woman is a miracle worker. Every time I call upon her for support, she flutters right in with that signature smile, and changes the whole game. I can only watch closely, listen intently, and apply her wisdom thankfully.  My experience with her "Create a Successful Online Business" course has proven to be a deeply personal and life-changing event. One that is only now beginning to unfold before me. I am so grateful for what she has given me, and I would highly recommend this course, along with everything else she so generously offers, to anyone and everyone."
~ B.R. Neumann - USA
"Wow! Annie's course has been so helpful in getting my online business up and going. Sometimes, I wasn’t even sure what I needed to do next, and then I would find out in my class! Timely! Helpful! A wonderful learning experience! I recommend Annie’s course!" 
~ Dianne M - Canada

If you have any further questions, are having any trouble checking out, or would like to send a check, contact me at:

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There are 2 tuition payment options:


1. Use a payment plan and enjoy new material dripped every 2 weeks until full course has loaded 


4 easy payments of $79.40





2. Pay in full and receive full course access without having to wait for lessons to drip $297




I look so forward to sharing my resources and experience to help you create your successful online business!

If you would love my personal assistance with clarity, direction, your business plan, and setting up your steps according to sound astrological timing, you can add a live session with me here.







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