Annie writes with the intention of inspiring positive change in the world.  Check out her books (some are written under her maiden name, Annie Konovitch):


This spiritual novel blends current, seemingly unfixable, controversial issues with hope and spirituality in a way that inspires massive change. Reminiscent of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, it serves to blend the seen world with the lesser seen dimensions offering practical ideas for today's world.


a tough pill to swallow

This is a fun and easy-to-use system to help you positively adjust your relationship with yourself thereby allowing all of your relationships with others to magically shift around you. The 12-week plan gives you a tangible system that integrates healthy self-care elements into habitual behavior so that they become your new defaults, simultaneously breaking old dysfunctional patterns.


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This book has been written to assist in the shifting out of the limiting old paradigm of codependent relationships. Codependence is any situation where a person is engaging in disempowering interactions, based on fear. New Paradigm relationships are conscious, love-based relationships that allow each person to come into their authentic self and where the relationships are formed and participated in not from need and dependency but because of sheer desire, enjoyment, and mutual fulfillment.


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"The Golden Gate" is at once a delightful adventure into the rarely seen Faerie Realm and a work with an important agenda: to promote consciousness of the effects of sugar and other foods on the behavior of children and the relationship between diet, environment, and lifestyle, and Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder diagnosis often resulting in pharmaceutical treatment. It also addresses the pressing issue of individuals being out of touch with nature and their source. Great for readers of any age.


the faerie queen chronicals







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