Hello! Thank you for your interest in contacting me. I work hard to give a personal response to every contact. At the same time, I am inundated with correspondence and it is challenging to keep up. As such, please review my Frequently Asked Questions below before submitting your contact form.  Thank you!

~ Annie

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am interested in a personal coaching/astrology session. What are your rates?
A: Fantastic!  I will love to work with you!  Check out my Coaching/Astrology page to see all about my sessions and to move forward with booking.
Q: I ordered one of your products that has an mp3 component and the audio is skipping or looping.
A: Sorry you are having trouble! Downloading a Dropbox app onto the device you are using will solve this issue.
Q: I have purchased one of your automated products and haven't received it.
A: Sorry for the trouble! All of my automated products have automatic delivery to your paypal email address on record.  Check the inbox and spam folder of the email address associated with your paypal account. Some of the products require an additional step after payment to trigger the automatic sending of the content. You will have landed on the page with this additional step after sending payment.
Q: I recently subscribed to your email newsletter and received your astrological summary write-up for the month ahead. Can you resend me the one for this current month
A: Wonderful!  Welcome to my email community!  I have the current month write-up on a weekly autosend for all new subscribers so it shouldn't be too long before that report is delivered right to your inbox.
Q: I am in a financial crisis but need some guidance.  Do you do any free readings?
A: For many years I did free readings and then readings on a sliding scale.  I am so sorry that I cannot provide either of these services anymore due to the overwhelming demand for my personal time.  Here are some recommendations to assist you:
~ Contact Ben Neumann for an awesome tarot reading.  If you are looking for are at a cross-roads and want to better understand the energy in the direction of each choice, or just looking for clarity and direction in general, he can help!  Contact him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
~ The Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful energy clearing tool that you find much about for free on-line.  I use it regularly for myself and my clients.  You can use it for any problem, issue, or pattern.  Do a search for what you are working with + EFT on-line. Example "EFT for Depression", "EFT for Making More Money", "EFT for Insomnia", etc.
~ One of the tools that has most profoundly positively affected my experience and one that I recommend to all of my clients is The Presence Process by Michael Brown.  Here is a link for it on amazon.com
You can find it used on amazon, too. Doing this 10-Week Journey can address any topics of concern you may have.